Here’s a wonderful thread with fast-food workers sharing their recipe hacks (and if you doubt they’re real, check the spelling). When I worked at Ponderosa Steakhouse (wearing red-checked shirts, string ties, and cowboy hats that were all too Brokeback Mountain), all we did was bake too many rolls at the end of the night so we could have some.

Auntie Anne’s peeps – hook up some dough rolled out w/ some marinara topping and parmesan cheese. tada! pizza. try cinnamon sugar pretzels with the glazin’ raisen glaze, darn tasty. any soda + dutch ice is pretty tasty too.

Dairy Queeners – stick a fried fish fillet on the steam table to loosen the breading off. Lemon packets, salt and pepper. Microwave to heat up. now you have something half palatable.

cheese fries are an easy one – fries, cheese and bacon from the salads.

chop up some burger, throw some ketchup, mustard, and onion together and you have a sloppy joe. sorta.

Umair Haque tries to find an Edge Age lesson in this: Open source the grill!