Quelle Dell?

Dell is so accustomed to getting complaints from all its customers, it doesn’t know what to do with a compliment. [via Jake]

  • To be fair, they probably don’t have a lot of practice.

  • al hill

    it took awhilr but I have found someone with worse customer service I ordered aDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssL service in the middle of Augest of last year.and they just got it running a week ago ..after billing mr for thre adsj modems along the way I am house bound recovering from a stso I had the time to spend with ..and time they got almost 2 hours a day every day for months.thr people I worked with had no knowledge of DSL at all…if what you ask was not in their script.they just said goodbye

  • al hill

    that would be AzDSLservice sorry the stroke makes typing very hard..

  • al hill

    by the way tthe adsl service was ordered from earthlik and it will be the last thing I ever order from them.

  • Estelle

    The only sad thing here is that poor Ajay will lose his job to no fault of his, he has probably been trained by Dell’s belief system that everything that comes in through customer service is a complaint, he is also probably montitored and his performance is based on number of customer requests per minute he processes.

    Perhaps Dell’s metrics have to change to incent their people to take the time and understand what the customer wants and managers have to better manage and train their staff.

  • Jackster

    Yeah, I can see why Dell gets so many complaints. First off, you can’t understand that Indian jibberish that they try to pass off for English. And of all things, they put these tongue-tied idiots on the “support” end of their operation, and are going to add 20,000 more! I can’t believe it. Unfortunately, I just bought a new Dell, even after a friend told me about their foreign tongued devils being impossible to understand. Well, that’s the LAST Dell I buy. There’re other computer companies out there, and I’ll patronize them from now on.

  • Dell Customer Service SUCKS!

    I’ve been having troubles with some notebook I purchased and even though it’s under warranty, they transfered me from department to department, wasting hours of my time and my issue is still not resolved.


    The tech support poeple don’t know what they’re talking about, don’t know how to treat a customer.


  • windsun


    Dell sues … how stupid can you get…

  • Dell tech support manager

    I personally take pride in my job and assisting as many Dell customers who seem to fall through the cracks as possible. I and my staff recieve numerous compliments. We, however are US based support. Everyone complains about the outsourced support, including me. We get many irate customers who are only upset because some overseas agent told them something completely outrageous, and worst of all legally negligent.

    I have 6 Dell systems and all have worked except for some software glitches and one hard drive crash after 7 years. I love Dell products because I know which models to avoid (if anyone wants some advise, let me know) and I buy through the business division. Do not ever buy from the home segment!!! The sales department lies, the tech support will be ignorant and outsourced, customer service will be horrible, your default warranty will only be 90 days (instead of the minimum 1 year for business systems), and the hold time anytime you call in will never be less than 30 minutes.

    Another piece of advice for anyone who speaks to US based support… If a rep tells you something, it is not because they choose to or want to make your life more difficult, it is because they are required to by Dell or they will lose their job. If you do not accept it, do not yell, curse, or berate that person because first, they can hang up on you after asking you to stop once and second, there is always a manager that may be able to provide a consession. And if they cannot, there is someone above them, etc.

    Mike, I can help you if you provide me with more information. I have quite a bit of authority to get things resolved.

  • Tiffni

    Well Mr. Dell Manager. If you can help Mike then you should be able to help my aunt who has been going through Dell Hell. She was fired from her job of almost 20 years recently because a Dell rep (with an Indian accent) incorrectly charged her employer’s account after she gave him her personal account to charge. She complained the first time it happened and instead of it being remedied after she returned the items (2 ink cartridges which were the wrong ones sent) , the correct ones were sent to her home but charged to her company’s account again. This is what ultimately led to her being fired because her job could not believe that Dell could possibly make this error twice. The only thing standing between her getting her job back is something from Dell “in writing” admitting their mistake. To date this has not been achieved or rectified and she has been unemployed for over 2 months as a result. Dell reps have admitted their errors over the phone and she also has an audio tape of the almost 2 hour conversations with them admitting (managers too) it over 10 times. I have assisted her with putting her request in writing, sending certified mail and calling for follow up but we are getting no where. Just being frustrated, ignored, and treated unfairly. What do you suggest we do after each time we find ourselves on the phone for over an hour being transferred from manager, rep, to manager to rep?