Andrew Krucoff emails:

My friends and I shot a video for Spiers’ Wall Street blog and I outfitted my good friend Dennis Crowley (founder of Dodgeball.com) in a shirt I made which was inspired by you, of course.

Here’s the photo. Can’t wait for the video….

  • Dean

    CTRL + ALT + PCMAG TOO. I believe they only give Dell an occasional good rating because of the money Dell spends on ads in PC MAG. Most of us with direct experience know Dell is terrible. When you buy PC MAG at the newstand I think your paying money to read one big ad. The other day I picked up a copy that talked about the 25 most useful utilities for your PC…what a joke as the only place you could buy those useful utilities was you guessed on the PCMAG website. Note I said buy not get. Can PC MAG honestly rate/evaluate utilities now? Would they recommend something else that might better but competes with what they sell on their website?
    Is journalistic integrity a PC MAG dead…now that they are in the software retail business? Did it ever exist?

  • al

    anybody else out there think dell is fucked up?]

  • lol at dell

    dell are the most useless bunch of greedy idiotic assholes in PC land ever. PC Mag has joined them in their idiotic greed. Journalistic integrity is hard when less than 10 families own all worldwide media organizations and employ people who further their agenda of crap crap and more crap…lol idiots