Five days a week

In the U.S., Saturday papers have sucked for years and lately I’ve come to the conclusion that Monday papers suck, too. It’s probably a result of cutbacks: less weekend staff and all that. But I come to London and pick up the Monday Guardian and there’s the beefy Media section (full disclosure: I’m in it) and the equally beefy G2 section, both of which were cooked up the week before: tons to read, even on a Monday. Why can’t American papers do that?

  • My guess: Lazy people that grew into patterns when nobody cared.

    Also, the lack of much institutional news from the weekend and the missing monday business section make for a skinny newspaper.

  • jon

    I always sorta liked the Saturday NYTimes (edited by the friday staff)– especially back in the day when they had the news quiz. Except for the period when they had what an ex called “The Let’s Be Intellectual Page” it was an unpretentious, solid little paper without special ad-driven sections (does anyone read Thursday Styles?) and an offbeat story ot two which didn’t have the heft to make a weekday edition.

    But you’re right about Mondays.

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