The Times discovers sex

Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni has a blog and he uses it to slum in a review of Hooters.

I walked in and noticed two kinds of outfits. Some servers wore tight white T-shirts and tighter white shorts. Others wore tight white T-shirts and what looked like orange panties.

A group of four servers stood inside the door.

“Can I ask a stupid question?” I said.

One of them responded, “There are no stupid questions at Hooters.”

So I inquired about the different uniforms.

A woman in white shorts pointed to herself and said what sounded like, “Dough hoe.” Then she pointed to a woman in orange and said, “Waitress.” She repeated the gestures and words. “Dough hoe.” (Herself.) “Waitress.” (One of her companions.)

Come again?

“I’m a door whore,” she said, decoding the abbreviation she had used. “A hostess. She’s a waitress.” Ah! Do’ who’!

  • wow, Jeff! not cool! Just because Frank Bruni *so* *badly* wants to show he’s cool and down with the Maxim and Stuff crowd doesn’t mean it merits a reprint! I’m no radical feminist by a longshot, and I’m certainly not looking for partriarchal oppression under every rock, but it’s hard to deny that the word “whore” and its abbreviated forms are more often than not used to intimidate and denigrate women. That it’s young women using the term to describe one another–probably for some form of amusement–doesn’t make it a fun, good, or even “sexy” thing. Perhaps Frank Bruni’s blogging priviledges should be revoked.

  • Todd Lokken

    The story makes it seem like the girl is actually proud of her “Doh Hoe” title. Is that what she is going to put on a resume in the future?

  • steve baker

    Tish, if women at Hooters are describing themselves that way, I’m interested to know about it. I don’t consider it titillating or funny, but certainly significant–and worth blogging about.

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