Don’t read and drive

Treonauts reports that BMW’s latest clever marketing move — after making movies — is releasing free audiobooks. It’s a very good and creative ad idea. However, since I consider BMW drivers probably the most obnoxious on the road, I hope the stories aren’t too distracting.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I used to be a BMW driver. I had the exact opposite experience. OTHER drivers are totally obnoxious when in close proximity to a BMW.

    Every move on the part of the other guy seemed to be “F-you Beemer”!

    Wow, I’m impressed! You cut me off in your minivan. You sure showed me!


  • Max

    I posted on the BMW audiobooks on my blog a few days ago. Here are a pair of comments from a reader of mine who listened in:

    – Okay, I’ll bite. I downloaded Don Winslow’s “Beautiful Ride”, and he used the word “Beemer” twice in the first paragraph. So far, I’m not terribly encouraged…

    – Followup to the above: I gave up on the story after fifteen minutes, twenty cliches, countless references to BMW and the appearance of a stoner reggae musician whose voice was copped directly from Cheech & Chong. After hearing this, Sting’s commercials for Jaguar seem subtle.

    Doesn’t sound quite as good as those BMW Films, does it…

  • The movies were something (else) indeed–I’ve turned all my friends into fans, and teh movies into cult ones, respectively. However, the audio books sound very similar to Mercedes-Benz Text Tracks, that do have a tradition, at least–i.e. following in the steps of Mixed Tracks (music).