Being heard on indecency and the FCC

I just heard from Sen. Lautenberg’s office, responding to my request to testify before today’s Commerce Committee decency hearing. Doug Mehan, a legislative assistant, explained that even Lautenberg has little influence on the witness list. It’s a prerogative of the chairman, he said. The chairman decides whom to hear — or more to the point, not to hear. They should call them Senate unhearings.

I said it is shameful that Brent Bozell is heard — though he does not represent mainstream America — and no one is called on to speak for First Amendment rights in a Senate hearing about government restricting speech. He was sympathetic but shrugged. Politics. Washington. Power.

: Howard 100 News, Stern’s full-time news staff on Sirius, is going to be at the hearings this morning, covering them. Thank goodness there’ll be one journalist there who operates under the motto that should guide all journlists: “No more bullshit.”

: LATER: I appeared on Howard 100 News this evening on the topic.