Doomed relationships

Dr. Phil, that hack quack, is giving relationship advice on to fools stupid enough to pay for such wisdom as, “If you want to be a winner in love, you want to be a winner in relationships, then do what it takes.”

  • Gads! I met my husband via (oddly enough, we had our first date 3 years ago today!), but had they affiliated themselves with Dr. Phil, I probably would have never used the site.

  • Now Jeff = All men can’t all be happily married babe magnet alpha males such as yourself! Some guys need advice, even from Dr. Phil. Don’t be so tough on

    Cheers — Halley

  • Right of Center


    How can you possibly impeach Jarvis’ Phil-bashing credentials? Besides his numerous psychological credentials, I have heard that Jeff has read the jackets of many of Dr. Phil’s books.

    (I’d hold up Jeff’s PhD against Dr. Phil’s any day in the quackery dept.)

  • Sloan


    I completely agree. Why pay for something that can be attained via pure common sense? Not to mention Dr. Phil is merely a rip-off of various self-help books. Any well-educated person could read a self-help book weekly and give the same or better advice that Dr. Phil gives on a daily basis.


  • Trent

    What a sad choice. Someone like Dan Savage (of Savage Love) or Cary Tennis (at Salon) would have been better choice.

  • John

    Dr. Phil is a loser. He was paid zillions to promote a dietary pill that, as it was later discovered, he never even tried. And he has yet to distribute one morsel of even remotely useful advice… how the hell is he a millionaire? Ticks me off.

  • Aren’t the ones who paid employees to go out on fake dates?