Media 2.0 101

I let Umair Haque’s Bubblegeneration blog pile up like unread, guilt-inducing copies of The Economist and The New Yorker and anything Clay Shirky writes because it takes time to read and let sink in what he has to say. So here’s my homework, Umair on:
* Media 2.0
* Peer production.
* Edge Competencies.
* Network economics.
* The fabled attention economy.
* And here’s a current post on edge compentences and newspapers, which warns:

Newspapers are canaries in the coal mine. The economic shift that is disrupting the structure of the media industry is deep and pervasive; within the next five years, it will touch all consumer-facing industries. What’s happening to newspapers should serve as a warning signal to players across markets that the deep economics of consumer-facing businesses are undergoing radical change: change as fundamental as that which marked the shift from the industrial to the knowledge economy. To understand this change, let’s define the problem the news market is facing.

The publishers, like the rest of the media industry, are facing a radical shift in industry economics; a structural disruption. Barriers to entry have been vaporized, as have switching costs. At the same time, the market power newspapers could exert over content creators and advertisers is eroding….

News executives must invest in the new media value chain. … What are the segments of this new value chain? As we’ve outlined, microplatforms allow prosumers to create personal media. Smart aggregators syndicate and distribute it. Reconstructors build individualized ‘casts of media for communities of connected consumers….

  • the term “media 2.0” is absolute historical nonsense! it is not posible that media has only 1 versions in the past!

    stop calling web related things “the second version”:
    media 2.0 / web 2.0

    the web community should be more creative and less fashionable sheep follow the the other sheep!

    calling all wired beings!

    wired being: a boffin, a geek and a nerd with a feeling for art. they are 21st century beings. they might like:
    – to collect facts and figures.
    – exchange ideas and thoughts.
    – explore minds and souls.
    – create and experience art and design.
    – organise things chaotically.
    – take care and respect life.
    – use (electronic) gagdets and gizmo’s.

  • I think we can stipulate that all “2.0” references do or should carry automatic irony. I just wrote someone an email talking about world 2.0. Yes, it’s laughably absurd. That’s why I’m still enjoying it.

  • to me “2.0” sounds more like a boardroom talk by bunch of geeky-wanna-be advertising executives with the urge to make something sound very important and new, because it is fashionable.

    temember the following advertising terms:
    “yuppie”, “dinkies” and “new economy”.

  • idea for web 2.0: user2user web: u2u