Noch ein Bier, bitte

Off the air for a bit. Just had a delightful meeting with Ms. Schlaflos in Muenchen; more on that later. Heading to a Bloggertreff with Mr. FilmeUndSo and others.

  • Jeff, thought you might enjoy this article if you haven’t seen it already about a German business that understands blogging very well. From Thomas Crampton at Joi Ito.

  • John

    LOL. Who does she look like that’s famous?

  • I always said the two most important phrases I learned in Germany were:

    Ich moechte eie Bier, bitte.
    Noch Eins! (holding thumb up)


  • actually! A fine show, indeed.

  • Kim Hill

    So, is she a babe?

  • von


    You would like egg beer, please? I think I’ll stick to hops…

    (seriously, put it in google translator)

  • Hi Jeff,
    I really enjoyed meeting you. It was good fun.
    Take care!

  • von,

    typos don’t count.

    although I thought egg is eier not eie. :)

    noch zwei!

  • Eugene Wilke

    Have you ever requested a schupper of beer in your travels in Germany.
    Am not sure of the spelling. Please correct if you know the correct term.