I am going to Europe talk to a media company to be named and since I’m not being paid, the one thing I wanted was a flat-bed seat on Lufthansa. In the great old days of big money, when I flew to Europe on business, I became an addict of Lufthansa’s bed. The only thing better was BA’s flat-bed because they gave you (a) dinner in the terminal so you didn’t waste time with it on board and (b) PJs, which really do make the business traveler comfy. I’m in the lounge stoking up on mini cheese things and red wine and as soon as we’re off, I’ll try to go to sleep. That’s the plan, anyway. I haven’t flown this distance since (a) the bubble and (b) 9/11 so there’s an odd sense of deja on a few count. See you on the other side of the ocean.