See no blog. Hear no blog.

Well, you won’t see Trent Lott on Blogspot:

Beltway politicos, famously slow to adopt technology, are wooing blogs – all but Trent Lott.

“Bloggers claim I was their first pelt, and I believe that. I’ll never read a blog,” says the former Senate majority leader, who forfeited that title after bloggers Joshua Micah Marshall and Glenn Reynolds picked up a racially charged remark, drawing the attention of mainstream media (MSM) and his Senate colleagues….

Last week, House Republicans convened the first ever “Capitol Hill Blog Row.” In a small committee room in the Capitol, a dozen bloggers, selected by an informal poll of GOP staff, were provided soft drinks, a high-speed Net connection, and access to top Republican figures for half a day. Issues discussed ranged from how to cut government spending to the future of the GOP.

As a follow-up, Speaker Hastert is launching his own blog. “Blogging is the new talk radio,” says Hastert spokesman Ron Bonjean. “People listen to talk radio because the mainstream media is too liberal for them. It makes sense for the Speaker to get the Republican message out to them.”

  • If you spoke to someone who doesn’t blog and replaced Lott’s word “blog” with newspaper or television how foolish would it sound? Sticking your fingers in your ears and pretending it doesn’t exist is not an effective stragety of dealing with any medium *sigh* So he learned nothing and I can’t say I am surprised.

  • APF

    Personally I don’t blame him, but as you suggested it’s mistaking the medium for the “message” (and he’s reading the wrong message in the first place). His attitude won’t last for long though, that is if he wishes to continue in politics for the years to come.

  • …in Soviet Union, Politburo invited Komsomol to Kreml! Thank you, thank you, my next show will be in three hours. In the meantime, enjoy the Branson Review!

    Here’s the longer version.

    Note that harry reid has a blog:

  • “Bloggers claim I was their first pelt, and I believe that. I’ll never read a blog”…following the same logic, a general said:

    “The enemy said they defeated me by using tanks and airpower, and I believe that. I’ll never employ tanks and airpower in my army.”

    What an idiot.

  • Al Gore

    President Al Gore’s Exiled Speaker of the House — Sean Penn — HAS A BLOG!!!

    Sean Penn’s Blog
    Al Gore’s Blog