Web 2.0: Advertising

Red Herring covers my ad panel yesterday. I’ll be writing up reflections later.

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  • David

    David says…Jarvis is a blowhard.

    Ohh wait snarky comments like that are a no no unless it’s done by a blogger who you use to attack a Democrat. If you are going to attack Al Gore (http://buzzmachine.com/index.php/2005/10/05/disinventing-al-gore/) at least be a man and do it yourself instead of using a blowhard like “Rafat” do it for you.

    Did you even bother to read his speech? Did you even bother to get a second opinion on how the speech went over? Have you not figured out how to use google yet?

  • Do you what a topic is? Well, you’re off it.
    And I don’t pay attention to criticism from people who don’t have the balls to use their name.

  • David

    > I don’t pay attention to criticism from people who don’t have the balls to
    >use their name.

    God Jeff that’s such a Web 1.0 comment actually make it Web 1.0 beta comment.

  • They quoted you as saying ‘ Google’s AdSense program, which places contextual ads on sites and shares revenue with bloggers, can be improved by engaging publishers and their audiences ‘. CrispAds, a blog advertising network, is applying the approach you mention. We let bloggers themselves choose keywords to target ads according to what they know about their content, but also what they know about their audience (demographics, lifestyle, and other dimensions that are not in the text of their blog). We engage the blogger. Quite a few of our bloggers have mentioned that CrispAds ads are more relevant than other networks that simply place ads about blogging services and software because the word ‘blog’ ranks high in their textual (I wouldnt call them contextual) crawlers. CrispAds is also working on some approaches to engaging with audiences in a collaborative manner with bloggers, that will be out in a few months.

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