Web .9

Josh Hallett predicts version inflation for the internet:

Web 2.0 is a popular topic, but how soon before somebody starts to talk about Web 2.1 or even Web 3.0? Who will be the first to say, ‘Our product draws on the social networking capabilities of Web 3.0’ We always talk about ‘internet time’ being so fast, yet it’s taken us 10 years to get to Web 2.0. A quick Google search shows:

Web 2.0 – 9,230,000 results
Web 2.1 – 19,700
Web 3.0 – 38,300
Web 4.0 – 16,100

I’m practicing version deflation. On the first night of Web 2.0, I’m going to Web 1.0, where we’re all supposed to wear new-media-blue shirts and Gap khakis and argue over how to say gif. “Whenever you say “monetize,” “font face,” or any of a variety of secret 1998 words, everyone drinks.”

: LATER: And there really is a web 2.1 and I’ve registered.

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: And since we’re having fun with numbers, I hope many come to Recovery 2.0 (see our fancy new wiki for details); no need to sign up for or pay for anything…..

: LATER: Rick Segal says enough with this 2.0 thing!