Judith Litella speaks

Judy Miller returns to The Times newsroom and it’s news:

Ms. Miller was introduced by Bill Keller, the executive editor, who said the newspaper planned to publish a full account of Ms. Miller’s case. He said the article could appear as soon as this weekend.

“I know that you and our readers still have a lot of questions about how this drama unfolded,” he told the staff members. He said the paper had been wary of revealing too much about the case for fear of compounding Ms. Miller’s legal problems, but added, “Now that she’s free, we intend to answer those questions to the best of our ability in a thoroughly reported piece in the pages of The New York Times, and soon. We owe it to our readers, and we owe it to you, our staff.”

In an interview after her appearance, Ms. Miller said she would cooperate with the newspaper’s reporters. She said she was uncertain whether she would write her own account, either in the newspaper or in a book.

Well, Arianna says Miller hopes that’s a $1.2 million book. I’ll save you the math: That’s just over $14,000 per day.