The cost of impatience

Well, damn, Engadget reports that the new Treo is not only for Windows but also is EVDO. I got my new Treo 650 on Sprint and then had to get a separate Verizon EVDO card, each on a long contract. What a screwed up business this is that prevents you from upgrading and spending more by imprisoning you with the old.

  • Jim S

    Yes, that’s definitely a big problem. I used Sprint PCS for several years but when I felt I needed to upgrade my phone they said they couldn’t help since I wasn’t a new customer. It irked me mightily since I like supporting the home town company if they’re offering good product and I do know several people who work for them. A month after I switched to Verizon they announced an upgrade plan for customers like me (The phone was 3 years old.). Don’t they have any kind of upgrade system anymore? I never understood that from any of them. Want me to tack time onto my contract and pay some bucks but not full price for a nice new piece of tech? Sure. Please, please just give me a chance.

  • I’m confused. Doesn’t Sprint have EVDO?

  • Terry:
    They’re just starting to bring it out and they do not have it on the treo.

  • Barney Lerten

    Take heart, Jeff. Have you read this weekend’s news about a Monday announcement of a Windows-based Treo 700, from Verizon? I’m told by a Reliable Source that Sprint will have a Treo 700 out late in the year as well. (That is, if you are willing to shift from the Palm platform;-)

  • Wysiwyg101

    I used to have Sprint a long time ago. I was having connectivity issues that in the past meant I needed to upgrade the firmware. So, I took it in to do so. After waiting in one of the well-known Sprint lines for half an hour, I finally talked to this tech. Here’s a reasonable transcript of the conversation.

    Me: I think I need to upgrade the firmware on my phone. (a Sony btw)

    Tech: We no longer support that model.

    Me: Ooookkk, what do you suggest I do?

    Tech: Hmmm, do you pay for the insurance option?

    Me: Oh yes. I do (for some reason I thought that would be good).

    Tech: Well, you shouldn’t.

    Me: Eh?

    Tech: Well, you pay $4 a month and what that enititles you to do is send your phone in and for $45 you can get a refurbished phone. Shoot, after paying in all year you could pretty much buy a new phone every year with that kind of money.

    Me: Hmmm, ok, still, what do you suggest I do?

    Tech: Leaning in towards me he said, “Seriously sir, I recommend you go to one of our competitors.”

    So, I did. Now happily with Cingular. If their own techs don’t have enough trust in what they sell, why should I as one of their customers.