Collecting all Dell Hell stories

Louise Lee of Business Week is collecting Dell Hell stories. Go here.
To all of you who have sent me your tales of Dell woe — I wish there were something I could do for you — please pass them onto Business Week.

: One more Dell note: I’ve been experimenting with ads on RSS (Sorry, Dave) and some of you have noted that Dell pitches show up. Ah, irony: The same thing happened with Google AdSense. Because I write about Dell I get Dell ads and the system has no way of knowing that I’m hardly a friendly environment. In this case, these are not ads from Dell but from resellers, it appears. Still, that’s bad for Dell and for me and it’s an issue for automated AdSense et al placement going forward. It’s not just relevance that needs to be measured. Sometimes, it’s attitude.

  • Can you not block AdSense ads from specific domains?

  • Amy

    Hey Jeff, as of today you have your own Wikipedia article. Some anonymous person started it, but it could do with some improvement.

  • My current Dell XPS computer is both my first and last machine that I will be getting from Dell. My next machine will most definitely be an Apple machine (unless they seriously screw things up in the next year or so which I doubt). I had the priviledge of using an Apple iBook last summer and it was pure bliss.

  • On the other hand my web host (TCH) uses Dell servers, and has no trouble with them.

    They also run Apache, so that might have something to do with it. :)