Am I Continental?

So I’m sitting at a Continental gate in St. Louis. They’re way behind the times here: no fancy screens with flight times, plasma or otherwise. They have numbers they put up on the board like prices at a deli. So the flight still shows on time because no one is there to change it. I can see online, thanks to my EVDO card, that it’s 1:20 late… for far. I’m tempted to shout out to all the other people in the room what I know. But then I fear they’ll think I’m the gate agent in disguise.

: LATER: The Continental agent just showed up. She’s saying it’s an hour late. I know from online that it’s longer. If I say anything, I’ll be in competition with her. Information is power. Information is trouble.

  • Marina Architect

    Killer example of pervasive real-time data improving your life. Now, try searching for a nearby friend (Friendster) or colleague (LinkedIn) at the airport for a draft beer rendezvous. 24/7 Signal: it’s great as long as it’s voluntary and you can unplug from the network and go retro. I like the visual of this situation you are in.

  • Just had a lengthy discussion with my dad over Dell and your experience with Dell. He’s now considering dumping his Dell stock and was shocked to here about their customer service problems and how they could be related to the drop in share price.


    Anyway, we got into that conversation cause the last time I flew on Continental they seated an obviouslly drunk guy next to me (he had an armful of violent prison tatoos as well) and once we were airborne, he proceeded to order 2 vodkas and paid with a $20. When they couldn’t make change for him, he asked for another vodka and $5 change. Gave him the vodka, told him they still couldn’t make change and offered to give him another vodka instead. He asked for 2 more for his troubles and got it.

    Needless to say, he became a drunk nuisance to sit next too and started dry heaving later in the flight before deciding to sneeze and cough and then fall all over me and the guy on his other side. I complained at the gate when I landed in Newark and they asked me to fill out a complaint card. The manager for their gates in Terminal A promised me they would respond. Its been some time since, and I still haven’t heard from them.

  • MommE Dearest

    Cut the bitch’s head-off as an emphatic statement on being annoyed by airline incompetence for the last time.