Searching the lists of lists

This is more like it: Yahoo has a metasearch of the lists of the missing. This is what I was hoping for, at least as a start.

  • Clicking on those links gives me an error message: “Sorry!
    We can’t find the topic you’ve requested. This topic may have been deleted or may have expired. You may also want to check the URL and try again.”

  • Gray

    Hmm, I first thought somebody is using the lists for jokes when I had a hit on Truman Capote, but it turned out to be serious:
    Anybody who has seen actor Bob Edes after the hurricane, please call (817) 922-8487…

  • Gray

    Aaron, why are you searching for C. Ray Nagin? Anybody with a TV knows he’s ok…

  • Czech out also Lycos: Search Engines Indexes Sites With Info on Hurricane Survivors and Missing Katrina Missing Persons Site

    CODA: How did journalists beat relief workers to New Orleans? That’s one question from today’s Howard Kurtz chat. His answer: We don’t have to deal with bureaucracies, just editors. We just get up and go …
    A Gathering Storm for the Media: Misreporting on hurricane further eroding public’s trust of media Ham blasts “putrid reporting” of Katrina by the mainstream media
    Do You Know What It Means to Lose New Orleans? Drowning New Orleans

  • Excellent! Next, Yahoo can create a metasearch for missing Chinese persons that they’ve helped to put into jail.

    What a great company.

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