You go, Shepard

Shepard Smith has been doing spectacular work in New Orleans since the storm and tonight was the high point as the stood toe-to-toe with Bill O’Reilly as O’Reilly tried to gloss over the failures of the rescue effort. Smith would not let him off the hook and it was beautiful to watch. But then O’Reilly had to leave to do a Natalee Holloway update. Yeah, great priorities.

And on the next hour, Shepard was on fire. Geraldo turned on the tears holding babies. But Shepard turned the anger of New Orleans to the TVs of America.

This is Fox, folks. Even Fox is mad.

: LATER: C&L has the video here.

  • I agree. Amazing job by Shepard Smith. Let’s hope for these poor people it has some effect.

  • C Bassett

    Geraldo and Shepard, on Hannity. Probably the hardest thing to watch for me so far.

  • Tiffany

    I like Shep, but I can’t agree that this is the federal government’s fault. They cannot show up anywhere in the United States at the drop of a dime. It is each cities responsibility to make sure they are as prepared as they can be for the worst case scenario.

    Unfortunately the citizens of New Orleans are paying for their mayors lack of preparation. This is the big one that New Orleans knew would happen and they were completely caught off guard. The mayor of New Orleans should have had police officers available to handle the looters, rapists, and murders and perhaps things wouldn’t have gotten so bad.

    No matter where you live there is a risk of some sort of natural disaster whether it be hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or landslides and it is not the federal governments responsibility to make sure that my city is prepared for the worst. It’s the mayor of my city and the governor of my state, those two didn’t do their job in Louisiana and unfortunately the residents of New Orleans are paying. It’s time for the local government of New Orleans to take some ownership for the death and destruction of their own city.

  • Dave


    I’m sure you’d be singing the same song if this happened in your area. Try this – be HUMAN. How much suffering does it take for you to stop the blame game?

  • LYNN

    I fully agree, Shepard was just so powerful, as was Geraldo. But I do have a question, why with the advanced warning were so many ill prepared, not having water and food and necessary meds when they were warned what was coming, let alone not get out. I do fault the city and state govs. for not doing more BEFORE Katrina, like busing more people to safety who were without the means to leave.

  • Nate

    “They cannot show up anywhere in the United States at the drop of a dime.”

    Actually, yes, they can. That’s why FEMA and other organizations exist – to help with national disaster’s strike. We prepare for sitatuions exactly like this. And I don’t think two days warning is at the drop of a dime.

    Having no National Guard in New Orleans for 5 days is absolutely unacceptable, and anyone with a half a brain can tell you that. FEMA could not adequately do its job and the Coast Guard could not help people because of the security situation. 150 New Orleans police officers with no jails, police stations and communications cannot bring order to 100,000.

    Blaming the mayor for this is absolutely abusrd. He had 2 days and they did make a huge effort to get people out of New Orleans. But this is a mayor – he has limited resources and it’s impossible to move 100,000 people without outside help. But when disaster strikes, support needs to come in from the federal level. Bush was hanging out in San Diego, Cheney vacationing and Condi Rice buying shoes and playing tennis with Monica Seles.

    Are these acceptable actions from our highest level of government at a time when 100,000 people are stranded, starving and dying in our country? No. And that’s why even Fox News is pissed. Heads will roll for this, and I’ll be happy to see it happen.

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  • That was probably the best segment of the past few days. I always liked Shepard Smith, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised by Geraldo. For once, I actually believed he meant what he said.

    Say what you want, but the media for the most part has done their job this time around. They are on the ground and reporting the real stuff and then comparing it to what the politicans said.

    Let’s hope they get those people OUT. I can’t imagine them holding out much longer…they have just 2-3 days MAX (actually, they pretty much run out of time NOW).

    When the people are out, we will have the biggest debate probably in American history of what happened here. The government and disaster “leadership” will pay for what they didn’t do until it was too late.

  • Linda Edwards

    “I like Shep, but I can’t agree that this is the federal government’s fault. They cannot show up anywhere in the United States at the drop of a dime. It is each cities responsibility to make sure they are as prepared as they can be for the worst case scenario. ”

    Tiffany my dear, get real.

    In a city of about 500,000 would like like to explain just how 1500 member police force could have handled this problem.

    What the hell is wrong with you? And what do you think FEMA is for.

    Again go to this website, because apparently, you don’t have a clue.

  • Janine

    I completely agree with you and also what Warner says–Shepard is just amazing with the job he is doing. I’ve been watching him (and the rest of the Fox reporters bringing us the news) since day one this story broke and I just can’t get over what a tremendous job he (and the rest of the team) are doing.

    As for O’Reilly, some nights I can watch him and other nights, like tonight, I can’t. But I did. And it was really nice to hear Shepard sock it to O’Reilly and basically, through Shepard’s outstanding reporting, tell Bill to shut the *F* up and develop an true understanding of what a cluster *F* it is right now down in NOLA.

    Thank God we have someone like Shepard willing to reach out and attempt to help these people as he realizes the true meaning of a nation only being as strong as it’s weakest link. Over the course of this past week, I have developed a new understanding and appreciaion for this saying after having spent the week watching Fox News.

  • Tiffany


    The mayor of New Orleans made a huge effort to get people evacuated? That’s why 100,000 people were left with no food and water? It’s a Category 5 hurricane heading straight for a city that is surrounded by a lake on one side and the Mississippi on the other, apparently their citizens were not aware of what could happen in a situation like that. The government sure did, hence the reason they created levees and electric pumps.

    I understand the risks involved with the area I live in, and I am prepared and have been my whole life to deal with a tornado should one happen. The people of New Orleans should have known the risks and if they didn’t I guess that’s George W.’s fault as well.

    485,000 people lived in New Orleans and at LEAST 100,000 stayed behind. That doesn’t sound like they had the best emergency evacuation plan to me. Two days notice isn’t alot, but again you live in area where hurricanes are a strong possibility. Mother nature doesn’t give a weeks notice anywhere so sometimes two days is all you have. I guarantee you the local government could have had bottled water, formula, diapers, etc. ready in 2 days.

    I am happy that my great state will be one of the places that the evacuees get help, at least here our government is prepared to take care of them.

  • Brian S.

    Shepard “Lap Dog” Smith going compassion un compassion with Geraldo may be a watershed moment in FOX television. Even as Hannity tried to pull him back into the Republican party talking points with “lets try to get some perspective” Smith barked back that ‘people need help, I’ve given you all the perspective you need…’

    Obviously, Smith has been there and seen enough. Time to go to Greta in Houston for happier news!

  • Catherine

    Tiffany, I won’t be as hard on you as Linda was, but you need a serious civics lesson. It is not in the capacity of a mayor to protect a major American port city from a natural disaster. It’s just completely asinine to think that the mayor of New Orleans had the capability but dropped the ball. All he can do is plead with the federal government to provide the resources he has told them he needs. He did that. And what did the federal government do? Cut the budgets. Have you seen how hard the police officers are working there in war zone-esque conditions with absolutely NO support? How dare you suggest that they should have been doing a better job. Get out of your cave and get a grip on reality.

  • Constance

    Tiffany, Why do you pay taxes? Your government is who protects you. Are they just responsible for terror attacks? It is the president who releases your military to take action. Our new homeland security is suppose to react as well….Also our government has been warned about the levees breaching if a hurricane of magnitude of 2-3 hit the areas. this was a 5 and our government knew 5 days ahead of time to prepare. Due to the war in Iraq the funds to bring the levees up to par were cut….and due to the amount of illegal immagrants in this country and the people that are now displaced and out of jobs due to the hurricane will have a hard time finding jobs…Also they keep talking about drilling for oil in Alaska and other national momuments to help with shortages. is bogus as well…the oil companies want to keep drilling but they don’t want to build refineries that make the gas… it would cut into thier profits….by the way exxon mobile had a 90% profit margin….where is your government when these companies take advantage of such a terrible situation…..? Our government of all levels is to blame for the lack of action….It really woke me up to realize that if were attacked by terriosts in several areas we would be devasted and we would have to depend upon ourselves for survival….!!!

  • Tiffany

    I don’t agree with how our big business President is handling our gas situation nor do I agree with drilling in Alaska.

    Believe me, living in the south I know all about illegal immigrants and I don’t like it all. I am living in one of the cities that the evacuees are being sent to, we have a large amount of illegal aliens and it is hard for honest legal Americans to find jobs to begin with & now our area is swelling a good 75,000 (that’s what they are guessing). These poor people are going to struggle to find work now because of the illegal aliens getting paid under the table.

    I do not disagree for one second that this is a tragic event and there should have been better planning all the way around, but the mayor should take some responsibility. The planning was poor and all these people are the ones suffering. I have many friends that have family and that grew up in Louisiana and every one of them understands the risks involved and knew that it would happen one day. I hate that it happened and I hate the fact that there are children that are suffering and probably dying because their parents couldn’t afford to get out of Louisiana. Their only option, the “shelter”, became a cess pool of human feces and dead bodies and those poor poor people had no other option.

    I’m not defending George W and I’m not completely blaming this situation on the mayor, again it was poor planning all the way around. I pray for those people daily and hopefully they will be out of that mess of a town soon.

  • Donna

    Shephard is great. Never seen his meddle before, as his usual show is hard for me to watch with the nano second reporting and annoying graphics and sound effects. He’s out there, he looks ungroomed, voice is hoarse, has passion and is in the trenches. Great great job.

  • Brian S.

    New Orleans is corrupt. Everyone knows that – after all, they don’t call it the “Big Easy” for nothing.

    Except, apparently, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    So play your stupid federalism games and try to talking point your way out of this latest example of the Keystone Kops that are this administration. No wonder Iraq has been such a fiasco.

    I voted for Bush twice, btw.

  • Jason

    Okay. Reading through the comments, it’s the entire governments fault. Drudge has pictures of BUSSES sitting in New Orleans that are flooded. Anybody know why the BUSSES are flooded? Because the city/state didn’t use them to get people out. Why are there so many people after a MANDATORY evacuation? Hint: The answer is related to why there are unused BUSSES in New Orleans. Where was the National Guard, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the governor of a state provide the marching orders in disasters? Does Louisianna have a state police force? Where were they? Where were other police officers from the rest of the state? Wouldn’t the governer be responsible for that? Now, where was the regular miltary? Why is Shepard and Geraldo reporting about Americans living in squalor now that the Federal Government is involved, why has the president and the rest of the Fed Govt allowed this to continue? Where is the leadership? May God bless everybody involved and pray the human tragedy will not escalate past the horrific point it is at now.

  • Off Shore Pundit

    “I voted for Bush twice, btw.”

    Voted for him once – shame on us.

    Voted for him twice – shame on you.

  • Brian S.

    Yeah, whatever. Was there a difference betwen the opposition offered the first or second time? I must have missed it.

    As far as the buses – OF COURSE the governer and the mayor and the rest of the New Orleans power structure is guilty, guilty, guilty! Bush is only responsible for his own failures, which are plenty.

    And, Shepard and Geraldo aside, your FOX/Drudge talking points are going to sell – the Republican base is plenty willing to blame the car-less, money-less, credit card-less people who had to stay in town to get hammered anyway, and the barbaric actions of a few of those folk are going to make those talking points go down easier.

    But Shepard still deserves kudos.

    As for

  • -ronnie in new orleans-

    I posted this originally under the wrong topic. Sorry.


    After spending 8 hours on the roof of my home in Arabi with my son and cat in the teeth of the storm, lying on the sloping tiles and holding a large piece of wooden decking that we picked up floating by to ward off flying debris from the 120+ mph winds, I’ll leave it up to you geniuses to blame the authorities for the damage and chaos caused by Katrina. I’ve been flooded out twice now, once by Betsy in ‘64 and now by Katrina. This was orders of magnitude worse than ‘64. No amount of your idiotic “preparation” would have done a damned thing to make this much better. If you can stop the water from getting there in the first place that’s one thing, but once the ocean is out on the rampage like it was here there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Washington is to blame? The local Coast Guard did it. Give me a fucking break. Have you ever experienced the power of one of these storms or the wall of water that comes with a flash flood? Once the levees failed nothing can stop it, and civilization ends every place it goes.

    100% of my Parish of St. Bernard is under 8-24 feet of water. My own home, and everything I own is gone. I’m not blaming George Bush, Ted Kennedy, or Ray Nagin for a natural disaster. Just what do you think anybody could have done. It was obvious to me ever since 7am that morning when we opened the door to the 4 ft of water outside that our survival was 100% up to us. There was nothing that anyone could do for us. My home is two blocks from the State HQ of the LA National Guard and they went under 20 ft of water too. We were rescued from our roof at 3 pm by a fisherman in a 14 ft boat who started picking people up immediately after the wind died down. But that just meant that we were out of immediate danger. There was no water, no power, no food, nothing.

    You can’t bring in helicopters with power and cable lines flapping everywhere. Big boats can’t get through the narrow channels and dodge the tops of the cars and trucks under the water. We survived because our parish has a lot of folks with private boats, and they picked up the people in the parish and brought them to second stories and collection centers. We had no riots. Most of our folks spent days at the jail, the only place in the parish with emergency generators working and free of water. The police broke into pharmacies to get drugs and food stores to get food. Local pharmacist and nurses acted as doctors. It was miserable, lousy, and frightening. No sewerage, no cleanliness; diptheria city. But we got out eventually. Put these same conditions in a crowded city center where you concentrated the misery by gathering people together centrally and you get what you see on TV. There are no answers to this problem that are easy. The pictures on TV are brutal. Try it in person. But scoring cheap political points by saying that ANY amount of preparation would have prevented this is asinine. There are just too many people and too much water and destruction for troops, or helicopters, or anything humanly possible to change it. When this type of destruction occurs the level of civilization is reduced to the level of Somalia. It does not matter that the location is in the US, or anywhere else.

    Almost all of us old timers realize that this was a 100 year storm and the government can’t call out the National Guard to a three state area, stockpile food and water, and mobilize for a national emergency every time a hurricane threatens. It is a risk we take, just as California risks earthquakes.

    The city has been vulnerable to this ever since expansion of the old city into suburbs after WWII resulted in more and more low areas being heavily populated and requiring more and more levee protection. After riding out innumerable storms, most of which turned out to be duds, I never thought I would see something hit with this type of force.

    Was the relief effort screwed up. Yes. Was the response by some inadequate, sometimes even cowardly. Sure. Did I ever expect more. No. Let them have committees, and investigations, and no end of improved procedures. It would be better if they used all the paper that they will produce to raise the levees. I’m watching a girl named Nancy Grace on TV, and I literally would like to reach inside the TV screen and strangle the stupid bitch. Sure folks said they would get people out. They thought they could too. I saw our own St. Bernard police, who stayed and shared everything with us, say they would get people out and saw the frustration when they realized how much worse it was than they thought it would be and that they just couldn’t do what they promised. Even operations that seem simple, like loading 600 people onto two car ferries to be moved downriver where buses could get them becomes complicated when the moorings have been destroyed and you have to rig catwalks for people to get from the dock to the boat. Try it with about 150-200 partially disabled and elderly people. Nothing is as easy as it looks from your armchair.

    The simple solution is that the water must be kept out in the first place. The settled area in NOLA must be protected by not a 12-14 foot levee system but by a fail proof 28-30 foot levee system. Do that and maybe you solve the problem. Until the next storm hits just right.

    It’s nature’s fault folks. We can’t control it. And living in America can’t always guarantee civilization. That’s something that people carry inside them. Face up to it.

  • Donna

    Ronnie in New Orleans. Thanks for setting us outsiders straight. Sometimes sh*t happens and you’re on your own with only the fortitude that comes from within. I’m stopping the blame game and putting my energy where it counts, doing the only thing I can do to help which is sending money.

  • Eileen


    Your eloquence is only exceeded by your wisdom. Would that your comments were printed on the front page of every newspaper in the morning, and read on every nightly news program tomorrow night, and read into the record of every committee meeting to follow.

    You would spare us so much More pain.

    I am grateful you, your son and cat made it. Very grateful. People like you are why we are *still* a great nation.

    “It’s nature’s fault folks. We can’t control it. And living in America can’t always guarantee civilization. That’s something that people carry inside them. Face up to it.” Thank you!

    Bless you and yours. May the road rise to meet you always.

  • Yes, it’s nature’s fault there was a hurricane, and that hurricane was horrific. People died in the hurricane, and no one is taking anything away from that.

    The scandal here is the fact that FEMA has been gutted, filled out with politcal apointees instead of people with experience, and subsumed by a Homeland Security that has failed us. Not to mention a 35 to 45% draw-down of the National Guard in Lousianna to fight the war of choice sold of a pack of lies. Everything else aside, a 5 day delay before the START of the evacuation (remember, this’ll take many more days to get everyone out) is the scandal. People are dying at underpasses as we type. If we had seen these busses and supplies begin to roll in on Tuesday or even Wednesday, we wouldn’t be having these conversations. Instead our faith in our own country would have been renewed.

  • As Bill Maher said on his show tonight, how can Harry Connick Jr. and Geraldo and Campbell Brown get into the city (and the convention center) but the National Guard not be able to?

    How can they stop US Citizens from walking to safety. WTF is that? I wish those stuck folks got into a mob and crossed that bridge. Shepard Smith should frankly lead them across. Are they going to shoot americans walking to security inside US borders? A few thousand angry folks with babies?

    Another buried story here, which the Red Cross guy said on that same Insanity and Combs – the state/fed officials are STOPPING THE RED CROSS FROM ENTERING THE CITY because it’s ‘not secure’. As Mr. Dylan said: How many deaths will it take ’till they know, that too many people have died?

  • Eileen


    Please don’t continue down this blame game road you’ve taken today. IT will not rise up to meet any of us. I appeal to you. Don’t do this. We need to work on improving – as ever – but at this stage with all our grief we don’t need Any additional negative focus. Screw the MSM! They are NOT the wind upon our backs or the wind that fills any sails.

    We need to save our people and help them to carry on, bury our dead, console, support and help each other. Especially now.

    Please, Jeff.

  • Chris

    Tiffany, you have gone on so many different tangents it’s hard to know what you’re arguing about. Regarding your first comment, I feel the need to point out that it is in fact the job of the federal government to act (and in a very big way, I might add). Why else would Americans be shelling out the tax dollars to pay for things like: FEMA, Homeland Security (which includes FEMA and other disaster-related agencies), National Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers… the list goes on.

    As for your other point regarding illegal aliens… I would like to point out that the people who you think are “stealing” jobs from honest Americans are doing nothing of the sort. Rather, they are getting paid meagre wages to do jobs that Americans simply WILL NOT DO. Such as: cleaning toilets, picking fruit, etc. In fact, without these illegal aliens (call it exploited labour if you prefer) many industries in the United States would not be able to exist as they do now (meaning they would have to raise prices due to increased costs).

    Think before you speak, it will help you to make cogent arguments.

  • Barry Dauphin

    Well maybe we can start thinking about some level of responsibility when it was apparent at the time that New Orleans was in trouble. Yes Nagin had 48 hours to warn people, but he waited another 24 hrs to do so. His press conference ordering evacuation was absolutely pathetic. It was lethargic and nonchalant. At the time I thought that New Orleans was in deep trouble with this man at the helm.

    There was no existing plan to get difficult-to-evacuate citzines out of the city. This was not something that had to invented on the fly. This is a large tragedy with big media coverage because people were still in the city that wanted to get out but couldn’t. Their suffering is the big media story and the big moral story. If the suffering were low, the media would be talking about buildings, etc. and not people.

    Many who stayed behind could have gotten out but chose to stay and many others couldn’t. Where was the city’s plan for this? At the Sunday press conference, why was Nagin reading off the numbers associated with the regulations and citing legalisms like he was a bored meter reader? This was 24 hours to go before the full brunt of the storm and far less time than that to realistically evacuate. All those who say Nagin gave 48 hrs notice are just plain wrong. At that very press conference Blanco herself said Bush had called urging evacuation. Why were they waiting for the President to make that call?

  • whodat

    I see Linda is back with her charm and diplomatic way of engaging in the discussion. What a joy.

    Go to this website, for you need it:

  • Angelos

    The Iraqi insurgency is in its last throes. The economy is booming. Anybody who leaks a CIA agent’s identity will be fired. Add another piece of White House rhetoric that doesn’t match the public’s view of reality: Help is on the way, Gulf Coast.

    As New Orleans descended into anarchy, top Bush administration officials congratulated each other for jobs well done and spoke of water, food and troops pouring into the ravaged city. Television pictures told a different story.

    “What it reminded me of the other day is ‘Baghdad Bob’ saying there are no Americans at the airport,” said Rich Galen, a Republican consultant in Washington. He was referring to Saddam Hussein’s reality-challenged minister of information who denied the existence of U.S. troops in the Iraqi capital.

  • Eileen

    Side note to Chris re his comments on illegal immigrants: “Rather, they are getting paid meagre wages to do jobs that Americans simply WILL NOT DO.”

    BULLSHIT. Come to my small town in the Northwest, bud. We need every single job we can find here. All wages for anything here are meager anyway. Illegals are arriving here, too. We need to immediately stop the influx – not only for security but ALSO economic reasons.

    It’s time to take care of our own LEGAL residents – including the newly displaced several million without jobs due to the storm – for an f’in change.

    Go to Mexico if you want to support Mexicans.

  • Eileen

    “Add another piece of White House rhetoric that doesn’t match the public’s view of reality: Help is on the way, Gulf Coast.”

    Help HAS arrived in the Gulf Coast through Hell AND the highest waters we’ve ever experienced, love.

    I’m sure you’re pleased, eh? Big day for you, Angelos. Got quoted on the bashtrain at Buzz.

  • Chris

    Sidenote Eileen: I agree, it is time for the government to start taking care of the legal tax paying Americans. It was time for that on Wednesday. Thursday even. Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday…

  • Oh, such a meager salary that drives your noble cause and yet you can still afford the internet… You go girl! /rawr

  • chris

    ronnie gets it. when will the american press get it? They are to busy making this a political issue. The biggest joke I heard on Abc today was that people belive that help is slow to come because of color.We came together as a country on 911. lets keep focus on saving our fellow americans. lets leave the politcs for some november to come.

  • Eileen

    Yeah, I will and I do, DexyAsshole. I own a business and pay my people three dollars MORE per hour than anyone else in my industry.

  • Eileen

    And Capital C Chris?

    What have you done lately? Got it all figured out? Please reread ronni in New Orleans’ comment.

  • Another “huzzah” for Shepard Smith. I’ve never cared for his show — or any cable news show, really — but that guy broke more news this week than all the other networks put together. It also helps that he seems to know the town and know how to pronounce the street names and city names and knows what a “parish” is, and all that. (He’s from Mississippi, I’ve since learned.) He was also tough on these politician liars before it became hip on Thursday. He has shown some real heart in this deal, and he maybe even did some small part in finally getting a little help sent in. (I’ve always heard FoxNews is the in-house network for the Bush admin.; I guess they just weren’t watching *any* teevee last week, what with the vacations and guitars and shoe shopping and Broadway and all.)

    There was also somebody named (sp?) Soledad Brian on CNN who ripped that FEMA fraud Mike Brown about seventeen much-needed new holes. That Anderson Cooper also ripped that FEMA fraud apart. CNN would’ve done better to let that Anderson Cooper just go nuts like Shepard Smith did, just put him on live for eight or nine hours until he cracks, and then set him loose on another gov’t liar. When something this horrible happens, you don’t want to see some jackass in a teevee studio — you want to see someone there, sweating and working and actually showing the horror.

    Who did a good job on the teevee news is about as trivial a subject as you can get when a disaster like Katrina is going down, but it’s also nice to be able to say *somebody* did a good job.

  • owl 1

    Ronnie made the most sense because he hit #1 blame on the head. It was the worst weather disaster in my lifetime. And he might have simmered me down some. When I came on, I was livid. If I read another comment of Iraq….blah….blah…..Bush mislead…..blah….blah….whining, blaming crap…..mislead us poor babies….mislead the entire ignorant world….forced those poor world intelligence agencies….mislead those poor ignorant Democratic Senators that voted for it even after they voted to change regimes under Clinton……mislead, I tell you, that poor UN…..lied to us poor babies…..and cut money…..used up all the troops just so they couldn’t come help US…..won’t sign Kyoto…….just mislead and killed Mother Sheehan’s baby that just happened to be a grown man that even RE-ENLISTED. Somebody’s fault, huh?

    Let me guess……they are all poor and black, so of course this natural disaster is white Bushies fault. I have already seen the A Team in action. We have the REV Jesse Jackson……..yep that dude that was having a metal hung round his neck by Chavez while the storm raged. Of course then, we were worried about how kooky Robertson was…..poor Chavez. Another of “the victims”. Chavez. The Rev Jackson and Money. Ever hear of it? Yep, I saw that Congressional Black Cauctus…… Bushbash.

    How can you watch this crap and not have a clue over years. I have lived all my life in either LA or TX. When I was a kid learning to drive, all you had to do was go down a country road, driving in from Texas and you KNEW when you were in LA. How? Road maintence. Thirty years ago, south LA was Mafia domaine. They thrived. Want to see Mexico police in USA? As close as you will see is south LA. And I actually love LA. Hometruths.

    Politics are local. So you better get yourselves some darn good local politicians. Get it???? Say what you want, but if you want to blame someone and not the weather, you better look reallllllllly hard at who the locals are. I did not see a Rudi in the crowd. Now I did see Shep. I just wanted him to shut up. Shut up and give that camera to someone that could actually use it for some good for those people. Like a REAL LOCAL POLITICIAN telling everyone where to go. Then actually being able to carry through on action.

    And no, I do not let the Feds off. I know now, what I thought then. That lousy squalked for, we just gotta have it, Right Now, 9/11 Commission that insisted, we just gotta have it, Right Now…….a whole new, bigger layer of red tape……Homeland Security… less. Bush caved and let em. That was a real Bush mistake. Added another layer, just to get them to shut up.

    I feel very sorry for every victim of this natural disaster. The faces will be with us forever. It has changed our lives forever. But I refuse to see another single stupid “It’s all Bush’s fault”, as if he is GOD. He isn’t.

    If you are trying to sell me the bill of goods that half of those people could not get out, forget it. They made a personal mistake and have paid dearly. The old, the sick, my God I feel for them. If you think I would buy what Rev Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Cauctus is selling either, you’re nuts. Why do people keep supporting the ones that do not help you? If, we are talking poverty. But you always see their faces all over TV, always on the ready to take advantage of any situation to blame. How many years have these same people talked those same people into voting for those same people???? Did Bush make you do it?

    In case someone did not notice, that lousy hurricane wiped out 3 states, but we only see NO. They lived below sea level, surrounded by water with a possible CAT3 levee and did not leave when the storm was a CAT5+. It hit high CAT4. Someone failed to make the residents of NO understand they had to leave. No one in that city took control. No one in that state took control. Then the dearly beloved Homeland Security found out how hard it really was to transport a city on one road.

    But we had our dear media. Politics are local. LOCAL from the garbage sweeper up. Except for the old, sick, hospitalized and kids, after blaming the weather, the next in line are the healthy adults who remained. Then the local politicians and their police force. Then the state governor. Then the Federal layers of crap. Then Bush. LOCAL. enough. And Ronnie simmered me down.

  • Ronnie, I hope you don’t mind that I copied your comment and posted it at

    I’m very sorry you’ve lost everything and very grateful that you’re able to speak so sanely under such difficult circumstances.

    I wish you and your family the best of luck.

  • Fredrik

    This was not a 100 year storm, this was a wake up call.

  • Grray

    Are you wondering what Rummy is doing in this time of national emergency? Here’s a hint:
    “The Navy has hired Houston-based Halliburton Co. to restore electric power, repair roofs and remove debris at three naval facilities in Mississippi damaged by Hurricane Katrina.”

  • Johnny Lester

    I can not believe that some people compare 9/11 to nola. Rudy still had some resources nola is gone. I think nagin’s last outburst alone makes him worthy of being part of some new leadership. No matter that he did not make plans for people who had no way out our federal government should have been there on tuesday. And although i am far from being a Bush supporter where were the dem’s on tuesday. Face it people until we get some leadership dedicated to the middle-class down there is not much hope for americans in need.

  • Robert Brown

    Nate: “Blaming the mayor for this is absolutely abusrd. He had 2 days and they did make a huge effort to get people out of New Orleans. But this is a mayor – he has limited resources and it’s impossible to move 100,000 people without outside help.”

    Are you kidding me? A city the size of NO does not have enough busses to move 100,000 people to high ground in two days? NO should have had a well rehearsed evacuation plan ready to implement at a moments notice given their risky situation. I suspect the mayor didn’t have the political will to use the police to enforce the mandatory evacuation order.

  • Robert Brown

    Catherine “It is not in the capacity of a mayor to protect a major American port city from a natural disaster”

    No one could protect NO from a CAT 5 hurricane. Given that the mayor knew this would it be too much to ask to have stocks of food and water near by and a means or transporting the vulnerable people to high ground temporarily at a moments notice, at least during the hurricane season?

  • Robert Brown

    Constance “Why do you pay taxes? Your government is who protects you.”

    The people of NO pay local and state taxes I am sure. What do they get for that? The first line of defense for natural disasters needs to be the local government, backed up by national resources if the local government is overwhelmed. It is not acceptable for local governments to collect taxes and have no good plan for first line defense.

    “Due to the war in Iraq the funds to bring the levees up to par were cut”

    The levee that failed had recently been upgraded so no additional funds would have been spent there. There were only design studies in progress for a CAT 5 rated levee system. If one were to be in place today, design and implementation would have had to begin during the Clinton administration or earlier.

  • -ronnie in new orleans-

    My sincere thanks for all of the people who are expressing sympathy and donating funds. I can’t speak for everyone but for all the people I know and have been with over the last few days I’m sure that sentiment is pretty much universal.

    For those who continue to beat the political drum over this tragedy by blaming either Ray Nagin, or Kathleen Blanco, or George Bush maybe you could explain this to me. When I was sitting on my roof what difference would it have made if we had a different mayor, or governor, or president. Let’s have an elementary class in hurricane mathematics, a course that old time residents have been attending every hurricane season since God knows when. It took my wife, daughter, and youngest son 18 hours to get west on the I-10 to Lafayette, and they left early. The roads were so congested that people were relieving themselves on the side of the road. With a fast moving storm there is a window of only a couple of days to decide whether to evacuate, and calling a mandatory evacuation that you cannot possibly enforce is futility. On average we have a couple of storms a year. What do you do? Evacuate the entire gulf coast twice a year? We have only one major access road out of NOLA, the I-10. The I-59 and I-55 are fed by I-10. One bottleneck on I-10 can stop the entire evacuation, as it did when the pumping station failed on the underpass at Metairie road five years ago causing 200 yards of the interstate to go 30 feet under water. Sending many more people on the road in these circumstances could cause them to be caught by the storm in vehicles on the evacuation route.

    Nagin, Blanco, and Bush and other officials saved thousands of lives by pleading for evacuation before the storm. It is a tough decision and splitting hairs over when they called for it is scapegoating at its worst. St. Bernard largely evacuated after the calls from Blanco, Bush, and our local officials. Probably 70+ percent of the parish was gone before the storm hit. Usual procedure was followed. The women and children were sent out and the able bodied men stayed behind to protect their homes. You bring in old matresses to plug broken windows and roofs, prepare to guard against looters etc. It has worked often in the past, but few ever anticipated this level of wind and flooding. From what I can see now the eye wall passed within 10 miles of my home. I have had to go outside to secure things and clear drains in previous storms and nothing I ever experienced, not Betsy, or even Camille, approched this monster in intensity.

    If Nagin, Blanco, and Bush and all the other local officials had not made the call for evacuation many more would have stayed, mostly less able bodied folks. In St. Bernard I can tell you that most of them would have never gotten out of the house. In five minutes or less, from the time I saw the water rising to the doorstep and noticed that it was dark water, meaning flood water not rain water, the water was three feet high and flowing down the street. By the time we scrambled to fill our pockets with necessities, find the cat, stick her in the carrier and get to the back door the water was knee high inside and chest high outside. We went out the back door because otherwise the current would have carried us into the street. It took both of us all of our strength to open the door against the weight of water and keep from getting swept back into the house when it rushed in. The young, old, weak, or infirmed would have had no chance.

    So thanks Kathleen, and Ray, and George, and Sheriff Stevens for sounding the alarm loud and clear. We were jaded after years of undue warnings and evacuations. Whether you are scapegoated or not, know that you did save many of your more vulnerable citizens. Those of us who stayed behind despite your warnings knew the risks and felt they we were warranted in staying. After all, it was our home.

    For those of you who still want to play the blame game, if something like this ever happens to you don’t move right away. First figure out if your politicians are Democrats or Republicans, and based on that place a call to Washington or Baton Rouge to come and get you. While you’re on the phone you can also protest why the money spent on either Iraq or the Big Dig in Boston wasn’t used to shore up the levees. When you’re done you can swim back to your sofa and wait for the National Guard.

    No, we didn’t deserve it. Nobody deserves a horror like this. But don’t make it worse by scapegoating and blaming game folks who were doing the best they could with the information they had available.

    Be thankful for the lives they saved.

  • [quote]The biggest joke I heard on Abc today was that people belive that help is slow to come because of color.[/quote]
    That isn’t a joke, chris. It is how people, including me, believe. I believe the suffering of black people just doesn’t resonate with our President like the suffering of white people would.

    When Florida suffered through their natural disasters last year, our government got help to the people that needed it quickly, helped they deserved being fellow Americans in need. When Asia was devistated by the tsunami, our government got food and medicine to the affected area within 48 hours, helped they deserved as fellow human in desperate need. This administration has proven they can quickly react in times of natural disasters. They didn’t do so in the case of New Orleans.

    Forger about Jesse Jackson. Just look at the facts. The National Guard did not have a significant presence on the ground until [i]five days[/i] after the hurricane left. Fox News, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RNC, had more ground troops in NO then the feds. It can’t all be rank incompetance by the mayor and governor, although they deserver their part of the blame for not sounding the alarm sooner and having a evacuation plan for before and after Kartina hit. But if there was any job that screamed the need for the resources the federal government has, this was it.

    I’m willing to be convinced, because I don’t want to believe the current adminstration was slow to help the people of NO becasue of the color of their skin. But I can’t see any other reason for it.

  • Jimmy

    I think all the news outlets deserve kudos. For the first time in a very long time they’ve dropped the facade and are actually taken aback by what their witnessing — pissed even. I don’t like FOX News, never will, but I will give Shepherd Smith his due here. I especially like the fact that he didn’t allow that ass O’Reilly to blame the victims. Anderson Cooper is another one who deserves attention. His take-down of Mary Landrieu’s pathetic attempt at deflection was classic and something we haven’t seen of our news organizations in a very, very long time. I just hope it lasts. This is how journalists should be acting at all times instead of buying into conventional wisdom at every turn.

  • daudder

    the evacuation (pre or post katrina) of NO required Federal coordination…even if they had enough buses (they didn’t), where were they suppose to go? who pays?
    based on some of the compassionate comments above, the answer would seem to be “not me”.
    some chrisians had better re-read all the bible. not just the condemnations

  • owl 1

    The remarks about color is what set me off. We have never had a more color blind president, willing to put the power where his mouth was, and what do I hear? “They are not black” from blacks. When I see the good REV and the Congressional Black Cauctus, preaching……yes it’s okay to preach politics in church…….if your skin is a certain color. Otherwise, it is against the law, they are all neo, kooks, right wing religious nuts. Nasty people those religious creeps? I heard scriptures and preaching as a way of gaining political points from the black leadership. I refuse to shut up this time. It’s not so. I have listened to people whine about how one person was able to lead the entire world of what, idiots? Responsible for the entire world. No one else had to take any responsibility, because it all fell on ONE person. Am I a bigot? I sure hope not. I am old enough to remember helping people march for civil rights. My best friend today was an illegal immigrant before he became an American citizen. Hardworking American citizen who came here with the shirt on his back and sending all his money to support his family. I resent this pointing fingers at whites, by blacks, for a few well heeled black politicians gain. They promote the “nanny attitude” and it is a crime. A double crime because of who is being hurt by it. Makes me sick. Who is giving the aid??? Chavez??

    Ronnie, of course I know you are right. Yes, I have given already and, believe it or not, feel deeply for every face I see on TV. And the thousands that will be found in attics. Texas (yes that bad man’s state) is working their butts off to help. I expect to shortly see Ms Sheila Jackson step forward and having single handedly helped a hundred thousand, herself to “get out to Houston”. As if the rest of us were toast. Blame us if you must but this time, I get mad and will not shut up.

    If this natural disaster is to become Bush’s crime against blacks and played by Democratic politicians (who controlled Congress for 40years)and by the so called MSM as their newest Mother Sheehan stick, I say bull. This time, no thanks. I will give all the help and donations I can but I will not shut up over the racial attacks. 40 years…..get a clue.

  • Robert Brown

    Daudder “the evacuation (pre or post katrina) of NO required Federal coordination…even if they had enough buses (they didn’t), where were they suppose to go? who pays”

    Nonsense. The first line of defense is simply getting vulnerable people above sea level, by force if necessary, with enough essentials to last several days stockpiled to take care of them. Given the well known risk of flooding, even a semi-competent mayor should be able to manage that. After the disaster strikes, then Federal resources may be required to coordinate.

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  • Ronnie, i you’re reading this, maybe you could tell us if there is anything you, your family and your friends and neighbors need that we could help you with right now. Maybe we could set up a Fund or maybe there are things we could send that would be useful, like maybe you’re inundated with tins of beans and blankets, but could really use kitchen utensils or a new pair of boots and some bourbon. Let us know if you can.

  • Jim S

    Chris, I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not just the jobs that no American will do that are currently going to illegal immigrants. There are good construction jobs going to them as well to help the profits of some ethically challenged contractors.

    Someone said that a city the size of New Orleans has the resources to do a lot more than what they did. New Orleans though, like many other modern American cities is not quite what people think it is. The actual city of New Orleans is just a bit over 400,000 people. The majority is black. The majority is poor and that majority numbers poor whites and hispanics as well. Most of the well off and most of the white population lives in the suburbs and nearby communities that in total have over double the population of the city proper. This actually parallels quite closely what exists where I live in the Kansas City metro area except that the economic class distinctions are even greater. KC proper is just under 500,000 people while the metro area is 1.7 million.

    When I saw the busses that hadn’t been used I wondered what the heck was going on. I don’t think anyone knows yet but the next thought that I had was whether or not they had enough fuel to use them the way they should have been or if they had enough time and/or money to get the necessary fuel in. I tend to think not.

    The Bush backer who ranted about how the Democrats got the bureaucracy they wanted in the Homeland Security Agency should consider that they probably never foresaw George Bush putting someone in charge at FEMA whose only qualification was the money he raised for Bush’s campaign. Rewarding someone like that with some ambassadorship is one thing. Putting him in charge of something as important as FEMA is another matter entirely.

  • Linda Edwards

    Whodat, darling! Good to see ya (smoooch).

  • Ronnie, just curious; how did you get out of New Orleans after the storm? Were you bussed out? I’d love to hear more of your story about weathering the storm and the fantastic journey you must have endured to reunite with your family over the last couple of days. Where are you and your family now? It would be great to hear a first hand account from a survivor about ‘surviving’ the storm. Thanks!

  • Jim S. Actually, it would be jobs that Americans aren’t willing to do if the contractors aren’t willing to pay minimum wage or satisfy minimum employment requirements in health, safety or workers rights. Employers like these would not entertain above-board employees and above-board employees would not entertain them. The root of the problem are these “unethical” contractors/employers and not the illegal immigrants who they employ and exploit for profit. They come here because there are people like these that will employ them under the table. It is a well-known network that has existed for years.

  • The Irish do the same thing by the way. The Mexicans haven’t cornered the market on illegal work in America. As a New Yorker living in Ireland I know of many from Ireland that go over with connections, especially, surprise surprise, in the construction industry!

  • RE: Katrina

    I agree that neither blame nor excuses will help in any practical sense in the midst of this tragedy. We must, however, as a community that wants the best for our children and grandchildren, transparently and objectively assess our local, regional and national response after we have done everything necessary for those remaining in the Gulf States that require assistance.

    We will certainly need to re-examine our National Disaster Preparedness Strategy in the wake of this horrendous, historical catastrophe and see how we can make our strategy more implementable and responsive in the future. There were severe deficiencies in communications, logistics, security, and operational chain-of-command on every level and we should not be afraid to learn from our weaknesses in order to improve our future reactions to catastrophic events.

  • Okay, Tom O’, at the appropriate time we can lynch the SOB’s ‘responsible’ and rewrite the master plan for preparedness. Meantime, let’s think about how we can help those who need it.

  • John T

    I follow Fox News regularly, though I temper their offerings with a range and variety of web based sources. You see, I simply can’t stomach CNN.

    As a former left leaner, the liberal skew offered by CNN and the Associalized Press is too akin to my state of mind during my own period of self-satisfied ignorance.

    My impression of Shep this week is that he was working his tail off, the way a cub reporter would, admirable for a news anchor. That said, there were a couple of times when it seemed as though he needed to have his meds adjusted.

    I have never trusted Geraldo. I used to watch him years ago in the NYC media market, and he always seemed kind of sleazy and sensational. Now that he is with Fox, he seemed to have moderated a bit, but last night his performance was a bit much I think.

  • Ravo

    Anthony Says:

    I’m willing to be convinced, because I don’t want to believe the current adminstration was slow to help the people of NO becasue of the color of their skin. But I can’t see any other reason for it.

    Anthony your thinkin is stinkin !!!!!! The race card is despicable black racist crap!

    As I wrote elsewhere,

    Bush is getting the blame the Mayor should bear, but the race card can’t be played on the Mayor. It must be very frustrating for black racists that they can’t play the race card on the initial evacuations….where it all began.

    If that poor Mayor had been white,….they’d play that race card until there was rioting thru out the entire country – can’t you hear it…calling for justice against the white Mayor who deliberately, they’d be most sure, left all those poor African Americans to die.

  • owl 1

    Go punch up the City of New Orleans Emergency Preparedness Plan.

    You can read the entire thing. It sets out exactly the pecking order and who does what, with what. Read it with your own eyes.

    And then you tell me who that whining, cussing mayor is blaming? Poor him. Read it and then go wipe up after him. I would not get off on him if he had not started his blaming whine and his “looked him in the eye” crap.

    And Shep? Heck, I remember seeing him dancing in the streets the day AFTER the hurricane. Same day all those buses were just sitting there empty. Read the document ….the Plan for the City of New Orleans.

  • -ronnie in new orleans-

    Noel… thanks for the concern but I am now with the rest of my family in Lafayette and we are currently picking up the pieces here. We’re OK. But thanks just the same.

    Tom… I’ll write it out in a post when I get a chance. Might be good therapy. One of those things it’s not fun to remember but you can’t afford to forget.

    On my way back to Lafayette from Alexandria where we were checking on some family I saw bus after bus of refugees moving toward the Pineville/Leesville area. This area includes Fort Polk and Camp Beauregard, two large military facilities. They can probably stage and work with these people there and get them fed and washed up. Glad to see them getting out.

    Stop comparing Florida with Louisiana. Florida had no standing water. The storm passed through and the water ran off. Most of the problems getting to the people was just clearing debris. Much of the NOLA area was as deep as Lake Pontchartrain. The reason that the Lake Pontchartrain causeway was built is because cars and trucks can’t negotiate 14-24 feet of water. The water is the problem guys. It does not run out, it needs to be pumped, and as long as it’s higher than a couple of feet you can’t get the equipment and trucks in. End of story. Watch how fast the evacuation and recovery works now that the water is leaving. Stop blaming the rescuers guys, nobody could do any better.

  • I saw the Shepard / O’Reilly call out last night — I generally don’t agree with Shepard – and usually like O’Reilly — but Biil really was acting like it was some sort political B.S. –when Shepard looked downright pissed — the cameras didn’t lie, the facts are the facts….this is a big deal, and there’s lot’s of folks in real trouble.

    Props to Shepard for this one.

    At least it looks like the troops have shown up to restore some semblance of order…but after the city’s evacuated..the real tragedy will unfold….looks like an entire city lost…

  • Nick


    Anybody seen Shep today? Did the suits decide he “needed” some down time?

    Too bad, Shepard spoke for the people of NO this week. Don’t know where we’ll get the real “perspective” now.

  • owl 1, I don’t remember mentioning Jesse Jackson or the Congressional Blakc Caucus. I made a critical comment of the Bush Adminstration. Even if all you say in your comment is correct, it doesn’t excuse the sorry performance of the federal government.

    Ravo and owl 1, you are correct about the mayor and governor not doing their jobs. Would you agree with me that the President’s efforts were lacking as well? And if you do, what would you attribute that to?

    One other question; it the only time it is appropriate for blacks to mention race is America when a man is dragged behind a pickup truck?

  • Shay


    I have been a fan of O’Reilly for some time but last night when Shep was attempting to bring reality to the situation….Mr. Oreilly wanted ‘perspective’ and Shep’s ‘perspective’ was too real for him. O’ you are full of yourself and should be ashamed.

    Many of us stood by you during the recent phone sex scandal but last night you showed your true colors! Wow, I was shocked.

    As for Shep…Incredible reporting and I am growing concerned as we have not seen hide nor hair of him today. Where has he gone? I can’t take much more of Geraldo and his fake tears!

  • Tiffany

    Chris Says: As for your other point regarding illegal aliens… I would like to point out that the people who you think are “stealing” jobs from honest Americans are doing nothing of the sort. Rather, they are getting paid meagre wages to do jobs that Americans simply WILL NOT DO. Such as: cleaning toilets, picking fruit, etc. In fact, without these illegal aliens (call it exploited labour if you prefer) many industries in the United States would not be able to exist as they do now (meaning they would have to raise prices due to increased costs).

    Then…..He Says:

    Sidenote Eileen: I agree, it is time for the government to start taking care of the legal tax paying Americans. It was time for that on Wednesday. Thursday even. Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday…

    Chris our main concern should be to take care of our legal residents, not the illegal aliens that don’t pay taxes because they get paid under the table. It is the employers responsibilty to not hire them unless they have a green card.

    As for your comment regarding the jobs they take “Such as: cleaning toilets, picking fruit, etc. In fact, without these illegal aliens (call it exploited labour if you prefer) many industries in the United States would not be able to exist as they do now (meaning they would have to raise prices due to increased costs).” Tell me does that mean that toilet cleaning and construction would be outsourced to other countries? Get a clue!!! Will Florida quit growing oranges because there aren’t any illegal immigrants to pick it? That is absolute ludicracy. The products might become more expensive, but they wouldn’t cease to exist in our country, instead they would be easier for everyone to afford because everyone would have a job.

    People would take the jobs, believe me. My husband works in construction and they don’t want to pay him the wages he can earn in his home state because why should they hire someone that actually knows what he is doing and requires more pay because of more experience and better quality when they can turn around and hire someone at 1/4 the wages and get them to work longer hours with no overtime and guess what, they can pay them under the table so then the employer nor the illegal alien have to pay taxes.

    This inexperience in the industry shows, just ask anyone who owns a track home in the state of Texas and they will tell you. Shoddy construction due to cheap labor. Things could be different. If they are legal they can be an “employee”, as in a legal job. Then it would be easier to take care of our legal aliens because only then would we receive the tax dollars that are due.

    This is a tragedy and I can guarantee you the unemployment rate will go up in my city due to the lack of jobs and an extra 75,000 people just in my area alone. The state of Texas is taking 175,000 more people along with the who knows how many undocumented aliens. So these poor people from Louisiana will continue to suffer.

    I didn’t go on too many tangents this time, did I Chris?

  • Al Joyner

    Even Tucker Carlson on MSNBC is behaving like a human being. He was shocked to see how people were living at the convention center in New Orleans. (He would probably be just as shocked to see how many of them lived prior to the hurricane.) It’s about time these talking heads got out of the studio and had a glimpse of the other side of American society.

  • Tricia

    This whole situation is devastating! And as we all sit here with opinion after opinion-there are peolple who are dirty, thirsty, hungry and even dying. They have NOTHING! Everybody has something to say, someone to blame-But what about now? Instead of concentrating our energy on what should have been done, we should be concentrating on what needs to be done. No amount of preparation could have prevented Katrina. The numbers may not have been as high-but guess what-there still would have been people who are now dirty, thirsty, hungry and even dying. And we would still be here looking for someone to blame. Nobody has the “right” answer. All we can do, is put one foot in front of the other, help where we can and have faith that if we had to face the devastation personally, there would be someone waiting with a helping hand for you!

  • Ronnie, glad to hear that you and your family are safe. I continue to post your comments over at (thread: Leadership?). Hope that’s alright.

  • george arthur

    shephard smith tells it like it is . orilley may have tried to sugar coat it but shephard was the person to tell the true story. thats why people trust him with the news

  • Sarah

    It’s sad that after Ronnie, who was actually there and lived through it (not you left-wing/right-wing Monday morning quarterbacks), wrote an extremely emotional yet logical post, some of you are still placing blame.

    Put all that anger and hate into the form of dollars and supplies and help out those who are VICTIMS of this natural disaster.

  • Shep, God bless you!! I am so PROUD of you! Finially, no acting, just real live facts! You told them and the world as it was/is! You message was recieved and it hit home hard! Thank you! You’re compassion is heartwarming as well. Now, where the heck are you? Many of us out here have been waiting to see your face… time to report in Sir! Bless you, Lisa

  • Shephard Smith always tells it like it is… as does Anderson Cooper on CNN, and both did excellent reporting during hurricane Katrina. Even Geraldo out did himself for a change…….. but “Tiffany” the Mayor did ask for help before the hurricane hit…. and begged for it afterwards. And Brian S….you want to go to Greta for happier news???? What’s happy about any of this? Shep seems to be missing this weekend……..i can only hope he’s taking a rest! Kudos to Shep, Geraldo and Fox…. they never blew smoke….only told and showed us what was going on everywhere………

  • Tiffany,
    No offence, BUT these men where in the thick of things, deep up to their necks in waste water, filth and yes, even death… who’s fault is this, really? WHY did the help come so late? Where was our military, do NOT even try to tell me in Iraq, because they are there now, in droves and they didn’t come in from Iraq!!

    WHY didn’t those people get picked up, the ones on the bridge and in the convension center?? I can understand the other’s having to be rescued under those conditions, but I saw Shep TRY and talk to a Police officer and he got NOTHING out of the man, Shep, good thing I wasn’t with you, we’d of went straight to jail!

    Do tyou think that Shep was acting? That man is REAl to the core of his heart! I felt for what HE and so many others had to SEE. AND WAIT… we have NO idea what is yet to come! I hope you spill your guts Shep, but most of all I pray your safe right now too. We’ll ALL be watching for you tomorrow!

    I know you’re a REAL person and you don’t play things up… Thank God for people like you who report facts without beefing them up, it is bad enough. On another note, if anyone wants to see happy that is great, however remember, people, real people are suffering like we will never know. I hope we will never know.. some of us our suffering with them. We need never forget this, like 9-11.
    Forget the blame? I don’t know. But FIX it so this never happens again? YES INDEED!
    Lisa A.

  • Joe

    What happened to Shepard Smith? I have only seen him one time the morning after his exchange with H&C and O’Reily.

  • Jason

    New Orleans should teach us a valuable lesson concerning achieving law and order in Iraq: If a well trained police force and national guardsman were unable to keep New Orleans safe from the bad guys armed mostly with guns and rifles stolen from Walmart, how can we except the newly trained Bagdad police and military to keep Bagdad safe from insugents armed with rocket propelled grenades, explosives, and an unending supply of wannabe suicide bombers? The debacle in New Orleans should have taught us that bringing civility to Bagdad is a futile effort, and that we should gradually pull out and concentrate on our serious problems here at home.

  • Helen

    Where is Shep??? He wasn’t on The Fox Report today the anchor just said “I’m covering for Shep today”, no other explanation. I hope he is OK. The powers that be probably told him to take a couple of days off after his exchange with O’Reily.

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  • You should all read this, it makes perfect sense….

  • JLO

    Shepard Smith is sssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!! He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY!

  • Lee Estrada

    I don’t care what people have to say about Shep Smith, he tells it like it is and I love that! Go Shep! I love baby, you’re really “HOT”!!!

  • pat battle
  • I wanted to say that if it was not for Shepard Smith, we, as a nation would not have been told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what happened in New Orleans. At first I was really concerned about his safety but then I realized that all the other forms of media had abandoned the city and Shepard Smith was left alone to show us what was really going on there. If it had not been for him, our government would have whitewashed the whole thing and when they did report it to the American people it would have been something like ‘WELL, IT WAS BAD BUT IT WASN’T ALL THAT BAD.” Thank you Shepard for sticking it out and keeping all of us informed!!

  • Mike McDonald

    “I wanted to say that if it was not for Shepard Smith, we, as a nation would not have been told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what happened in New Orleans.”

    If you think what you saw from Shep Smith was “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

    That old adage, “Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see” needs up dating after what I saw from good ole Shep. It should now read “Believe nothing of what you hear and only one tenth of what you see”. Even that may be a bit too generous.

    I didn’t expect any better from Geraldo, but Shep Smith now resides right along side Geraldo on the unbiased, “whole truth” scale, somewhere below 0.

  • I appreciate newsmen who have the guts to tell it like it is. Shepard Smith did that. People are still spinning. They should have been watching the true “no spin zone”, Shepard in New Orleans. Mike McDonald is pure spin. Pictures don’t lie.

  • Mike McDonald

    Gary, anytime you a ready to buy that bridge, please contact me. Since “pictures don’t lie”, I will be happy to send you a picture or movie clip of myself on the bridge with a “For Sale” sign. I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse!

  • We will see in the next election if your spin works. Don’t count on it Mike!!! Can’t fault you for trying, but again, a picture is worth a thousand words. Ask the guys who beat Rodney King.

  • Mike McDonald


    I have no idea what election you are referring to. Since you mentioned Rodney King, I assume that you are in California. I will further assume that you are referring to the presidential election since the media has been trumpeting the fall of Bush in the polls. I am sure that warms you liberal little heart.

    I hate to disappoint you but I am not a “Bushie”. I will admit that I voted for GWB, I had to hold my nose but I did it. The Democrats are their own worst enemy. The Democrats couldn’t pour enough perfume on John Kerry or Hillary Clinton to induce me to vote for either one. I will distill my thoughts on the two major parties and the last election down to two sentences.

    The national Republicans represent the Right most 5-10% and national Democrats represent the Left most 5-10% of the population; the rest of us are screwed!

    The last election was between a well-intentioned idiot and a socialist traitor.

    Now to really put some “Spin” on your liberal little head. I probably could have voted for “Slick Willie” over GWB. His alley cat morals aside, I give him credit for knowing when to put a muzzle on the socialist, Hillary and take some direction from “the people”. To bad he didn’t have a little more backbone when it came to dealing with Usama.

    As far as your statement “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I couldn’t agree more. The problem arises when the picture represents a distorted image of events. A picture shot of a single event that fully encompassing the surrounding environment can indeed be an accurate portrayal of the event. Unfortunately, what you have seen and heard about the “Great Bridge Incident” is nothing of the sort. NO single picture or person’s account of the event can possibly tell the complete story. You believe what you want to believe. Your liberal “filter” discards everything not in keeping with your pre-conceived worldview. The one indisputable difference between you and I is that I know several of the players in this drama. I fully realize that means nothing to you. Your filter discards anything I relate about the event as lies.

    There is no help for you or anyone like you until you finally realize that everything you THINK you know isn’t necessarily the Whole Unbiased Truth.

  • Lynn Hagerman

    My husband and I are great fans of Shepard. He not only has the gift of journalism, but a heart for people. He’s the best…and a handsome young man. Wow!

  • Well, Mike, even more has come to the surface about Brown’s destruction of Fema, but now we are understanding that Fema became a stepchild of the homeland security department. It was supposed to work better than in the past, according to the promises of George Bush. But Mike, it worked pitifully. It was an embarrassment to the USA and was unworthy of the most powerful nation in the world. And we have Brown still on the payroll defending his miserable actions. What a loser. And Bush appointed him as a political favor. Loser number 2. Clinton looks like a genius compared to dim witted George Bush. No one ever got so far with so little.