Prof. Cole, at it again

Juan Cole knows no shame. He blames murdered journalist Steven Vincent for his own murder in Iraq.

He was romantically involved with his Iraqi interpreter, who was shot 4 times. If her clan thought she was shaming them by appearing to be having an affair outside wedlock with an American male, they might well have decided to end it. In Mediterranean culture, a man’s honor tends to be wrought up with his ability to protect his womenfolk from seduction by strange men…. Vincent did not know anything serious about Middle Eastern culture and was aggressive about criticizing what he could see of it on the surface, and if he was behaving in the way the Telegraph article describes, he was acting in an extremely dangerous manner.

Well, how about his murderers didn’t know anything serious about civilized culture and they were behaving in a way that should bring your condemnation?

Martin Kramer does a wonderful job of cutting the professor down to size and also reveals that the stick up Cole’s rear could well go back to Vincent’s audacity to criticize Cole for the same reason I have criticized him. Vincent said on his blog before his death:

You might want to review your own site and how well it reflects love and concern for the Iraqi people. After all, on “Informed Comment,” pro-liberation Iraqi bloggers are accused of being CIA agents, the elections are practically dismissed as window-dressing and every terrorist–no, I mean guerrilla, as Cole would have it–attack is given marquis billing, as if their psychopathic bloodlust discredits the liberation of 26 million people. Whoops, I mean 23.5 million–because according to Cole’s Wednesday post, 2.5 million Iraqis support the “resistance.”

Well, I thank Cole for revealing his gut-level concern for the Iraqi people… My question to the Professor is, which Iraqi people–the fascist thugs he calls the “resistance,” or the police, National Guardsmen, politicians, everyday people and eight million voters who comprise the true Iraqi “resistance”? We await his Informed Comment.

And await and await… [via InstaTotten]