What I want

Can somebody invent a waterproof speaker set-up for the iPod so I can take it into the shower without fear?

I’d like the same for cable TV, while you’re at it.

I’d consider asking for this for the internet — waterproof keyboard, wi-fi, trackpad that doesn’t go bonkers in the damp — but then you’d all fear that I’d be blogging wet when I know you envision me in my PJs.

Oh, yes, and when are we going to get the Bluetooth iPod so I don’t have to remember to take all those wires with me?

  • mm

    you can’t go 10 f’in minutes in the shower without your digital toys?

  • My advice is to take shorter showers.

  • matt

    i have no comment on the shower thing, except that the BBC field guide suggests using condoms to water proof a microphone. however logitech is selling (or is soon anyway) a bluetooth headset for the iPod. link to product page below.


  • We thought we’d help you out with the iPod-in-the-shower dilemma. Here are three shower-friendly solutions for you to check out: http://www.tuaw.com/2005/08/08/jeff-jarvis-wants-a-water-proof-ipod-speaker-system/

  • Bunnie Watson

    I find it very sad that you are unable to detach from an entertainment medium long enough to perform simple bodily functions. When your quality of life is so impacted that you feel the need to publicly whine, you have gone beyond the boundaries of normal human behavior. Time to schedule an hour with an understanding shrink….

  • Yeah, take a shower without the internet or podcast.

    But I would like to be able to listen to my Ipod while I swim laps….

  • I say you should start podcasting from the shower. Now there’s a niche market for ya…

  • Jim

    Here cometh the podpeople, who get what they want. You get what you need. The unpodpeople are unclean. it’s like some kind of cult!

  • Jim

    JerseyEx, It can be a bodcast. This is Jeff Jarvis bodcasting live from my shower studio in New York. I’m about to lather up and wash my leg. Maybe this can be a national or global thing with bodcast blogging and vblogs. Watch Jeff lather up his hair and use his shower massage to relax away the stress. Maybe Steve Jobs will invent a wireless rubber ipod for bodpodding.

  • Jim

    bodcasting-hey that has an Elmer Fudd ring to it or maybe it new yorkish

  • Shower blogging?

    All you needed to do was ask!


    Love the new format, Mr. Jarvis.


  • Jim

    You know how some geeks don’t like to waste time in the shower.
    I’m selling ads in my shower. I’ll webcast with a showercam on my new vblog. This is totally the future. Live from my bathroom, it Saturday night.
    I’m trying to get a deal going with Irish Spring for bodcast.

    We are now casting for a new feature. When Bates was a teenager, his mother took a lover, making him insanely jealous. He murdered them both with strychnine and preserved his mother’s corpse, then he proceeded to sell ebay ads on her corpse using Google ads to launch a global corpse ad network.

  • Jim

    the new new ad news ad network
    Norman Bates dressed up in a wig and his mother’s clothing and spoke to himself in her voice.

    The Corpse Net (CNet) can design a bodcast to get your corporate message out too. Google won’t talk to your people? Message not getting through? Get the staff wigs and start a bodcast of your own. Train your guys to sound just like the gals and use the advanced CNet feeds to find new customers in no time with DeadWords from CNet. Bring dead business to life, just like Norman. CNet web tools, because the news is too important to be left to the living.

    We tried other ad solutions, but DeadWords was by far the most effective corporate marketing tool yet. With ZombieSense adbot, even our dearly departed customers were a source of revenue, which really drove this home for our organization. LSP, San Jose, CA

  • Jim

    “She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?”
    This message provided by CorpseNet.

  • Lorenzo

    How can anyone deny a sweaty man his iPod? Anyway, I just got a catalog (www.HerringtonCatalog.com) That offers the iSubmarine waterproof housing for 3rd/4th generation iPod or iPod mini. Perfect for swimming/snorkeling (up to 10 ft.), and includes waterproof headphones and external scroll wheel. It’s a bit pricey at $149.95, but it’s the answer to Jeff’s request, and available now.

  • Jim Dermitt

    They are podcasting from space now! Extra day, nothing else to do, I guess.
    They are taking plenty of pictures according to the news I saw.
    I think I’d rather see the pictures.

  • If someone invents a way to use the internet in the shower, soon bosses will expect their employees to do fiscal reports while bathing.

  • Jim Dermitt

    You’re supposed to be off during your off-hours!

  • Shower blogging? That’s really interesting buddy!