Sorry that my posting has been both light and lite these last couple of days. Work has been nuts — which is nutty, considering that I quit work to work less and write more and now I work more and write less (all the while making less).

I’ll also say that I was just as glad to step back away from the keyboard after finding myself attacked at a conference because I happened to be on a list others aren’t on. And then, via the dreaded Trilateral Commission Technorati, maker of evil lists, I found myself attacked in a blog by a troll of trolls I wouldn’t have otherwise read and will not link to. Time to open up another bottle of cabernet to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Scoble, meanwhile, is so fed up he’s hanging up his mouse for a while:

This business just sucks sometimes and people forget you’re human. They think they have the right to attack you personally just cause of what you write.

These people would never say this kind of stuff face-to-face but because it’s on the Internet folks feel like they are allowed to be rude in ways they’d never think of being face-to-face….

I also find that I’m not able to be human anymore — I’m not having fun anymore. It’s time to take some time away from the blog.

Remember, my friends, a blog isn’t a media property or product. It is a person. And this isn’t content. It’s a conversation. Make it a civil one if you can.

Or follow Dave Winer’s advice about lists: “Why bother. Just blog what you find interesting, what you believe in, and everything is fine.”