It’s not just newspapers…

…that are singing the blues. Broadcasting & Cable’s Max Robbins says he has never heard such gloom in TV news:

I don’t believe I’ve ever heard more folks in the industry bemoaning the state of television news. Virtually everywhere, either the people running the joints appear on the way out, or they have just recently arrived. The result: Almost everyone in the game operates in a state of uncertainty. Believe it. A day doesn’t pass by when I don’t hear about one of a long list of news executives with big bull’s-eye targets on their backs.

  • Right of Center

    An interesting tidbit at the end (though to get there you'd have to read the *whole* article):

    "And then there's Fox News. From the outside looking in, Fox appears to be an island of stability in a crazy-competitive market. But how much growth is there in a mature business, even if you're the cable news leader?"

    At least the author felt obligated to report that fact, although as "conditioned" as he could make it.

    Hmmm? I wonder why Fox News is doing better?

  • David McMurray

    You don't suppose they're also referring to…MSNBC? No, not THAT paragon of journalism.

  • Does this have anything to do with how execrable the news is, with meaningless pictures used to illustrate unimportant and ephemeral stories, read by ignorant bouffants?

  • It'll get to the point that if we want well researched, or eye-witness, accounts, we'll turn to bloggers. TV news gives me little evidence that their stuff is better researched. And how is Fox News doing among the most influential, 25-34 audiences? I'd argue that it's not doing that well, as those folks go online for their news.

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