Dell Hell: Deaf and dumb

One of the great lessons of the cluetrain era is that your customers are your best customer support agents and marketers if only you allow them … and respect them enough to listen to them. Dell does’t. As we reported the other day, Dell shut its general customer forums… which should be the place for customers to help each other. Dwight Silverman found Dell’s company line:

As for the Customer Care board, many of the non-technical issues posted there can only be addressed by authorized Dell representatives with access to customer information – not by peers as the Forum is designed to facilitate. That said, these questions are best handled through other secure online tools.

Or, clueless Dell, your customers can just blog their questions and answers without you. Or should I say, former customers?

  • After a quick search online, I was happy to find that I wasn't alone in my frustration about Dell and their so called customer service. To make a long story short, my credit has been horribly damaged and I'm trying to get some sort of resolution from Dell.

    The problem is that you can't get help. Honestly I give credit to the mastermind behind Dell's twisted web of customer service and other various Dell spin off companies that one will weave in and out of while on a quest for answers.

    Call Dell and ask for help, you get customer service…typically somebody working in India. If they can't help you, you'll end up with a supervisor…also in India. When you still don't have an answer, and wonder to yourself…"is it a communication issue because of the language difference," you are transferred again. In my case, I was transfered to Dell Financial.

    Dell Financial is where this whole mess started. Oh yeah, at this point you'll be transferred to another supervisor. If you are really lucky, like I was, you'll be cut off, and have to start the process again.

    After a call back I was again stuck at the second supervisor, who suggested I speak to their supervisor. When this supervisor called me a liar..without using the word "liar," (I think he said, "sir, you never called us before with your complaint," when I know I did……when he indirectly called me a liar, I asked to speak to his supervisor.

    The man said that he did not have a supervisor. I was shocked! Aren't you? Apparently man with the thick Indian accent…the supervisor…to the supervisor…to the original woman who answered my call is the President of Dell!

    I didn't believe him. I asked him again, "You are telling me that you don't have a boss?" When he told me that I was in shock. I asked again…a little louder, because I wanted to make sure that he heard me. "YOU DON'T HAVE A BOSS? YOU HAVE NOBODY YOU ANSWER TO???"

    He told me that I was correct! I was shocked! I was amazed…I said…"So you are telling me that your name is "Mr. F**king Dell? You are the owner of Dell? The CEO? You own the company? You don't have a boss."

    I wish I heard his answer, but we were cut off…..ok, maybe he hung up on me. Frankly I deserved it. I was rude, but I was also very frustrated.

    I got a number for Dell Corporate. I called back and asked for somebody in the American Corporate office who could help me with a problem. I was transfered to the customer service folks in India.

    I called back again and got somebody on Oklahoma. He attempted to transfer me to somebody who could help. I was sure I'd end up with somebody who was also unable to help me, BUT I was wrong!

    I got disconnected again.

    A few minutes later, I was on the phone with a lovely woman who told me that the best people to help me….yeah, were the same folks I had already talked to. She was very sweet. She gave me an address to write to for help.

    That in a nutshell should sum up my experience with Dell. I bought a computer. I had problems. I tried to get help. In the end, I am stuck and left only with an address. Yes, in the year 2005, one of the biggest computer companies in the world is having me use snail mail for better customer support.

    It's ironic. I once had a problem with my local post office.

    I sent the postmaster an e-mail.

    Feel free to write me, as I'd love to know if anybody has had similar experiences or could offer help! Hell, I'd like to hear if you even enjoyed my long suffering tale!

    [email protected]

  • Jimmy

    Acutally I have owned a couple Dells and not had any problems. Must its just be you. at my job (camera store) when people yell at me i treat them like crap. When that are nice I am nice back.