Dell still sucks. Dell still lies.

Dell still sucks. Dell still lies.

: Well, my Dell hell continues. The machine’s networking just goes off on its own; the green connection light goes off and the machine either turns off or does not recognize its networking (while other machines in the room work fine). I even got a new wireless router to make sure there was no problem on that end. Other machines: fine. Dell machine: sucks.

The machine then freezes and gives me the blue screen of death, which I never once had with my Sony Viao’s — which is what I will buy as soon as I get a refund for this piece of crap.

The keyboard still does not work.

And I’m getting email from Dell people who clearly are not paying attention. “Dear Mr. Langley,” said one. I corrected them and said the name’s Jarvis. The response: “Dear Ms. Kolar.”

It’d be funny if it were SO DAMNED IRRITATING.

The issue here remains: Dell sold me “at-home service.” They sold me a high-end warranty. They sold me “complete care” promising to replace this machine if I lit it on fire… which is very tempting, believe me.

But they take their sweet fucking time sending me email that doesn’t give me the confidence that they even know who they’re talking to.

Well, the machine they made is is a DAMNED LEMON and under federal warranty law, they are warned.

And their warranty is a fraud. I’m not getting my machine fixed. I am not getting at-home service. I am not getting complete care.

Is anybody at Dell listening? I know you are. What do you have to say, Dell?

: While you’re at it, Dell, go here and and here and here and read the comments and see how y our customers hate you. (And that extra space in “your” is because of your broken keyboard, by the way.)

: A snarker in the comments says, “Buyer beware.”

No, we are in the new era of “Seller beware.” Now when you screw your customers, your customers can fight back and publish and organize. I just sent this link to Dell’s media relations department and told them to read the comments and see what their real public relations look like.

: Oh, and by the way, the ONLY reason I bought this Dell was because of the alleged at-home service. The machine is not as well-designed as a Viao. It is heavier. There are cheaper machines out there. But now that I’m self-employed (that is, without the blessed in-house PC support department,) I decided to buy a machine from a company that offered me at-home service and a complete care guarantee. And I decided to pay extra for it.

That is the heart of the issue here. That is the essence of the fraud.