Network blog wars

Network blog wars

: Brian Williams blogs the news meeting and makes rundown decisions transparent… beating CBS News to the transparent blogging punch.

  • Is this genuine transparency or feigned transparency? Certainly, such a blog will be heavilty edited by corporate lawyers & marketing folks, and NBCNews isn’t about to let other scoops or projects that didn’t quite make the cut for that night into the public sphere until they’ve had a chance to air the story. This seems to be a major issue when it comes to “corporate” blogging – we’re not really getting a transparent insider’s view of what’s going on, just a version they want to make public. A step in the right direction, perhaps, but not revolutionary, imo.

  • paladin

    I agree with Zimmer; reading BW’s “blog” is just like watching PBS—–Williams (and PBS) somehow manages to make the most interesting subjects boring.

  • We have a blogger who is paid to blog from the newsroom of a local ABC affiliate.
    She gives a few insights here and there, but mostly is blogging about what Nashville bloggers are saying.

  • It looks less like a blog than a long promo to me.
    (The night M.E. here does a similar promo from our print newsroom during a local tv station’s news show It’s a rundown of the stories “you’ll find in TOMORROW’S Journal.”)
    Really blogging the news meeting would involve the questions raised about the stories, a discussion of placement and perhaps what’s put off till another day, not “Here’s what you’ll see on the news tonight.”