A mass of class

A mass of class

: The BBC is wowed at 650,000 Beethovan downloads in a week. Repeat after me: John Stewart on Crossfire got 150,000 viewers on CNN but likely more than 10 million downloads. What’s more powerful: The networks that Time Warner and the BBC own or the networks no one owns? Obvious lesson to all broadcasters: Let there be downloads. All the folks who are bragging about their streams would be blown away by floods of downloads. Distribution is so yesterday.

  • Amen Brother!

  • arthur

    Think how many Beethoven downloads they’d get. :)

  • Jeff,
    I read that Crossfire’s normal viewership was 400k per episode, but was 800k on the night of the Stewart show, and within 24 hours of the show had 1.5 million downloads. This was just after the show aired. I happened to be at the TW center a week or two later and in chatting with the lead camera man for Crossfire, quoted these stats, and he said they had no idea the show was downloaded online at all, much less that it was double the viewership within 24 hours after. Amazing.