What is truth?

What is truth?

: Vin Crosbie quotes Slate’s Jacob Weisberg at the Editor & Publisher echo chamber: “Newspaper editors publish a story once they think it is true. Bloggers publish a story to see if it is true.” I don’t think that’s true. For the implication is that bloggers don’t care about the truth. No, the real difference is that bloggers are more open to the notion that a story can be corrected and improved after it is published. But that doesn’t make for such a neat quote.

  • That notion is just plain incorrect anyhow. I’ve seen completely incomplete stories posted on Reuters before, and every few minutes I would refresh and new details would be added or corrected. Truth is, editors want to be the first to publish. Same goes with bloggers in general, but in the latter it is usually because they have first-hand information and knowledge of what happened since it’s so rare at the moment.

  • I don’t see that implication within the quote. I think he’s correct to say that some (some!) bloggers throw items out there to “see if they’re true” – to see what has legs, what can be supported, see who might agree. That seems to be more prelevant than in mainstream media.
    That doesn’t imply that bloggers (god, I hate treating this so homogeneously) don’t care about the truth. I think it implies that bloggers might be willing to process and work through items that haven’t been proven true to see what comes of it. The reason, I feel, is that most bloggers are just simple human beings, who are curious about things.

  • I agree. I posted something a couple of days ago about the corruption in Iraq on the part of Americans.

  • The balance of my comment got swallowed…After the first 15 or so words, I pointed out that I may have erred in the post mentioned. A comment on the post from a person who is obviously informed and experienced, indicated that I may be very wrong in certain parts. I published his comments, both at the end of the original post, at as a stand-alone post at the beginning of my blog. Tree media can’t do this. TV either won’t do this or they take a day to correct. Sorry for the above mistake.

  • Angelos
  • Many — probably a majority of — bloggers care about the truth. Many — a large minority — of the press seems to care more about saying something first than saying it true. But if you examine both group’s overall accuracy over time, Weissberg’s observation withstands.