Using the innocents, continued

Using the innocents, continued

: Following Debra Burlingame’s devastating attack on the International Freedom Center’s plans for the World Trade Center, its head, Richard Tofel, writes about it in today’s Wall Street Journal — but does not answer one of her (or my) issues. I challenge anyone to read Tofel’s drivel and tell me what the center will do, what it will have, what it will say, unless its walls will be covered in platitudes like his.

: Michele Malkin continues the attack on the center.

: Oliver Willis, in turn, attacks me for agreeing with Malkin on this. But, unfortunately, that’s the high-school mentality Oliver brings to such matters: He doesn’t address the issues but instead judges people merely by their associations. Malkin and I have met and agreed that we don’t agree about many things. But we most surely agree about this. We will not tolerate seeing the construction of a Why They Hate Us Pavillion, a Selective Sin Center at the World Trade Center.

: Kathy Shaidle isn’t suggesting what could happen at the new Center — and neither am I — but she can imagine what it might be.

: The big question is what we can do about this. We the people had some small input into the decision on the memorial — we at least got to submit our own and saw all the submissions. That process was transparent. This is opaque. As Wizbang says, Tofel merely tells us to trust him. But I don’t.

This mess at the World Trade Center falls — once again — squarely at the feet of Gov. Pataki. We need to demand that Pataki and Bloomberg open up the process and assure us that this will not turn into the International Flagellation Center.