RSS for life

RSS for life

: From the comments below, the Misanthropyst has a fine suggestion for the killer RSS ap:

Wanna make a million dollars? Help supermarkets and local merchants provide rss feeds for items they are having specials and sales on. Ask your wife if she’d subscribe — I bet the answer would be, “In a heartbeat.”

  • Wife?! ;) Some men do the shopping too – my dad and I would both subscribe in a heartbeat.

  • One further thought:
    Combine this idea with a web-based shopping service and you’d really have something. Shoot new info via RSS, go the website and shop for non-perishables, have the store take your list, retrieve your items and have them bagged and ready for pick up, while you pay via PayPal or credit card. And customizing the whole experience a la Amazon would be the icing on the cake, so to speak.

  • I tried to introduced this idea to Kroger last year. It went nowhere. Kroger is especially well-suited to handle something like this, because the coupons/discounts selected can then be digitally noted on the consumers “Plus” card account via the Internet and automatically deducted at the register.
    I still don’t understand why they weren’t interested.
    And so it goes…

  • I posted about personally relevant technology back in January, mentioning the supermarket RSS feeds (and I’m actually working on getting the world’s most successful supermarket chain to integrate that right now), how record labels and bands could make the most of RSS, how TV networks and individual performers/writers/producers could use RSS, etc. From our mouths to God’s ears, people. It’ll happen.

  • trevor

    Check out – they might have something close to what you want

  • Andy Rhinehart

    And if your RSS reader supports enclosures, which many now do to handle podcasts, you could also deliver coupons for those sales directly to users’ desktops.

  • I agree that this would be a great idea. There’s many places where introducing an RSS feed would be useful.
    Right now the most important thing I want is to see emailed newsletters turned into RSS feeds. I get way too many emails that just end up somewhere in a folder and never read. However I never miss a moment of BuzzMachine. (required suck-up) :))

  • I’m amazed department stores don’t have a PC that allows you to search their inventory and find out what aisle the product you want is on. Book stores generally have the PC, but most of them make you talk to an employee who does the searching for you.