Giving a damn

Giving a damn

: Go read Seth Godin’s two posts on companies that don’t have to care and companies that care. This is also about an apparently inevitable shift companies and even industries go through: In Seth’s example, it is planes, trains and automobiles: airlines are the buses of today. They don’t care. See also FedEx turning into the Post Office of today because they’re thinking about their cost structure instead of their customers. See also Apple preferring to end up in court with its customers than in a community.

Used to be, our only defense against these companies that grow so big they con’t have to or can’t care anymore was to wait for them to go out of business and hope that another, better company rose from the ashes. But now — in cases where the product can be digital and not bound by atoms — we the people have the chance to build new and better competition. I’m working on a longer post on that: small is the new big. Later…

  • That’s very promising. The fact that more than 70% of WalMart employees qualify for medical benefits under the For Need category kind of points to the fact that it’s overdoing the neglect of employees in favor of the bottom line business.

  • Liz

    Well, after reading Mr. Godin’s posts all I can say is “Thank, G*d, it’s not just me and I’m not going crazy!” I’ve noticed so many instances where a variety of companies simply “don’t care” and it’s because, as Mr. Godin says, “they don’t have to.” Perfect example, Blockbuster. Until NetFlix was breathing down their neck, walking into a Blockbuster was a masochistic exercise. I knew I’d be confronted with a rude, vacuous teenage clerk whose go-to response for any problem was “Well, the computer says…” And, of course, the computer can’t be wrong, don’t ya know. Oye, I could go on (as could we all) but it’s just nice to know that I’m not just being overly critical of the service I’ve been getting in a variety of venues. Unfortunately, it’s that customer service is dead in the United States.

  • Apple has always treated its customers like dirt. Us Mac users are just masochists, I guess….

  • I’ll comment, again, that your FedEx screed is based upon a misunderstanding of the service options you quote. More here.