Asynch TV

Asynch TV

: We have a TV on a cable box in the family room and a TV without a cable box in the kitchen next door and in the morning and evening, they’re both feeding news. But suddenly, a few weeks ago, they went out of synch. The cable-box set’s is a good six seconds behind the direct-feed TV. What’s going on?

  • Johan

    If it was the other way round I’d think it was to enable someone to sensor any indecent language. But isn’t cable meant to be free from that at the moment?

  • dps

    It is unlikely the two (aired and cable) were ever in “Sync”. The broadcast signal has to be received, routed, then sent down the wire from the cable co to your home. The same for cable vs internet. The internet simulcast signal will appear to be lagging behind the cable program.

  • Hunter McDaniel

    I would guess that the cable company has put some new piece of equipment in their digital processing loop. Could be some kind of multiplexor or bit-shaping equipment to manage bandwidth.
    Even wthout cable, I can see a couple seconds delay between analog and digital signals from over-the-air broadcast of the same station. And of course DBS subscribers have had this lag for years, since they have satellite transmission time in addition to heavy digital processing.

  • No, no, no. It is the gum-ment. The gum-ment is multiplexing — subliminally of course — its ‘hail caesar’, ‘nipples are bad’ message onto the cable links. Help, help, help.

  • Ah, there you are, Mr. Chadwell. We’ve been looking for you. Come along quietly…

  • Mitch Cardwell

    Some cable companies integrate all of their digital channels together into a single digital stream and then feed that stream out by satellite to all of their regional systems. A channel that used to come off the satellite and go all the way to your house in analog may now be coming off the satellite, be multiplexed into a single stream, compressed, sent back to the satellite, received at your regional cable system, decompressed, sent to your house and then be decoded by your cable box.

  • Al

    It’s obvious… your television is haunted.

  • Brian H

    Seen any flashes of verboten body parts? Your Protectors are on the job!

  • God is punishing the tv with cable for not being with the times.
    Directv with tivo all the way.

  • DirecTV and TiVo got a divorce, so the combo is now obsolete.
    BTW, there’s a lag between live local channels and locals over DirecTV too; they convert analog to digital before shooting it up to the satellite and that takes some time.

  • Glyn

    I notice that here in Britain, if you’re listening to digital and analog radio broadcasts simultaneously they’re not in sync, which is even true of the time signals. Is that the same thing?

  • Yes, the original programme is analogue that has to be converted to digital before going out the digital antenna, a process that takes non-trivial time to complete.
    (Note: this comment converted to British for more colour and clarity.)