Ombud too many?

Ombud too many?

: Why does ESPN need an ombudsman? For Cubs fans to complain about Cubs jokes? What’s next: A FoodTV ombudsman to deal with garlic issues? Has this trend gone too far?

  • Jeff, as a guy with newspaper experience, you of all people should know that sports reporting gets more complaints that just about any other kind of journalism. Those sports fans really know how to pick nits and sniff out perceived biases.

  • Jimmy the “C”

    Funny you should mention ‘FoodTV’, emeril is having problems with the posting of his menus on that site. FoodTV is not posting them for his fans, maybe they do need ombudsman after all.

  • Sam Goldman

    While I understand and share your skepticism, I am absurdly curious to see the content of his future online columns.

  • Probably because the quality of ESPN’s journalistic operations have gone done the shitter in recent years. They’re no longer interested in good reporters like David Aldridge; they prefer people who yell and scream catchphrases.

  • Sam

    Well, there’s also been the idea of an “East Coast bias;” that the network (based in Conn.) is more favorable and gives more airtime to teams on the eastern seabord, and gives short shrift to teams out west.

  • ESPN doesn’t just cover games but also some serious stuff, from steroids to the Kobe case. The problems I see in ESPN’s coverage too often are that the network is too queasy about possibly offending a league whose broadcast rights it needs (see: cancellation of the show Playmakers at the NFL’s behest) and too desperate to overexpose guys as stars based on nothing but flashy and bombastic behavior. Taking a look in the mirror now and then wouldn’t be so bad.