Mˆtley suit

Mˆtley suit

: Motley

is suing NBC for banning them after Vince Neal used the F word:

In the latest twist in the broadening battle overdecency standards, the glam-metal band Mˆtley Cr¸e filed suit against NBC yesterday. The suit states that the network violated the group’s free-speech rights and weakened its sales by banning it after Vince Neil, the lead singer, used an expletive on the air in a Dec. 31 appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Los Angeles, accuses the network of censoring the band to mollify a Federal Communications Commission that has been increasingly quick to levy steep fines for broadcasting indecent material on television and radio.

Well, too bad that the suit’s absurd. NBC choses what to put and not put on the air — it’s called editing or producing, not censoring. Now I suppose one could argue that it’s not their air, it’s our air, so the band could sue to get on — but, of course, that’s ludicrous; that would end in every American getting 15 minutes of fame. Or I suppose the band could sue the FCC for creating this chill — except the FCC didn’t fine FCC and, besides, the F came out in the “safe harbor” for nastiness after 10 p.m. Still, I’m glad to see anybody go tilting against the windmill (read: broadcast tower) that is the FCC.

  • This is especially funny since NBC is going to air a reality TV show following Tommy Lee’s antics as a student at the University of Nebraska. The show, Tommy Lees Goes to College, hits the airwaves in August and is a star vehicle for the most famous of the Crue’s crew.

  • Cal

    You’re glad to see yet another nuisance suit–just because it takes on the FCC? Motley Crue tilting the windmill doesn’t help the cause to stifle the FCC.

  • the Crue should sue.
    as you said, NBC was not fined by the effcc and it happened, as you said, during safe harbor.
    the only purpose that NBC had in publicly announcing the banning of the band was to make the network look good in the eyes of some by making the rock band look good.
    if i was Motely i’d sue too.

  • Mike

    Sue for what tony?? Come on now, what right is being violated by NBC “banning” Motley Crue? They are a private company and can pick and choose who they want to have on the air, can’t they? This is just a cheap publicity stunt by a rock band way passed its prime! This is an NBC issue and has nothing to do with FCC.
    Don’t confuse issues here Jeff. This lawsuit does nothing in your quest to eliminate the FCC. I would think it does exactly the opposite.

  • Cal

    Crue should be giving NBC a cut of their future tour earnings. I’m sure being “banned” also gives them a bit more cred. Which helps when you’re so done the fork is rusting.

  • This is a lot less about any real legal claim that Mˆtley Cr¸e can make and a lot more about them grabbing for straws to be viable for television anymore. Hey, Jimmy Kimmel, book them to talk about the lawsuit!

  • they should sue for exactly what they are suing for – defamation. of course NBC can have whoever they want on their shows, or not invite whoever they dont want,
    but you can’t use – or abuse – a guest of one of your shows as a reason to prop yourself up, but defaming them and saying that they did something worth being banned over, when all they did was be what they were hired to do: be rock stars.
    nbc could have just as easily sent an internal mandate that they werent going to be booking motley crue and kept it private, but by going public (to appease those who were faux-offended) they have absolutely dragged Motely Crue’s name in a bad place.
    which is hard to do.
    but they found a way and they should pay damages.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    …they have absolutely dragged Motely Crue’s name in a bad place…
    Oh for God’s sake! You mean that there were people in the world who thought that Motley Crue was above using “nasty words”?
    Jeez, do you even know who the hell these guys are?
    They’re not The Cowsills or the Osmonds.
    The Tonight Show has every right to deny airing what ever the hell it wants. Johnny Carson kicked off a group that bitched too much about the stage and sound setup for their visit.
    Sue this.

  • Mike

    Hey tony, maybe the Crue should sue NBC for being mean too!! That holds about as much water as sueing them for defamation of character. Your whole argument is ridiculous. There is no defamation by banning someone from your own network. It doesn’t matter what they did or didn’t do.
    I believe you’re just casually making this argument to be difficult. I can’t honestly believe someone out there would think a rock group that was banned from a television show deserves damages!! How does this adversely effect their means of making a living?
    Nevermind, don’t answer. I can’t take it seriously anyway, or at least I don’t want to.