The moderate revolution

The moderate revolution

: I know it’s too much to hope for, but how I do hope that we have the stirrings of a moderate revolution against the fringers.

The end of the filibuster standoff is a start. We know it worked because it pissed off people on both sides.

Next comes an effort to find a middle ground on stem cell research — following the quite moderate opinions of Americans.

The majority of Americans, according to this poll, favor choice in abortions but compromise is rising there as the Democrats talk about parental notice, as the Supreme Court considers its first abortion case, and as John Podhoretz says that all a Republican has to do to win is to act prolife, even if insincerely. The real importance of Podhoretz’s column is that a moderate Republican could win the nomination with just a little tapdancing.

I do believe that Congress jumped the shark. We see how pissed off Americans are at Congress.

There is a real opportunity for the middle to take the lead. I believe a moderate candidate who could make it through the primaries would win the White House. The only question is who.