Nonblogger snarks

Nonblogger snarks

: Romenesko keeps trying to insist he’s not a blogger but he sure sounds like one — a snarky one at that — with this link to the post below that mentions a Museum of Television and Radio Media Center event:

Don’t you hate it when journalists get together and refuse to share their brilliant ideas?

Well, the rules aren’t mine. But I wonder whether they would have gotten leaders of big organizations there with the promise that a snarky blogger (like, oh, Romenesko) was in their midst. I’m as transparent as we get — so see-through I could wear the emperor’s new clothes and you wouldn’t notice (think about it) — but even I have to acknowledge that sometimes, people get together to just talk without worrying about how they say what they say. This wasn’t journalists meeting with officials off the record; this was journalists meeting with journalists about the business of journalism. And I will respect the rules of engagement. So I blogged my own thoughts, not those of others. When a commenter snarked below about a blogger attending an off-the-record session, I said that I have off-the-record meetings every day. They’re called conversations. I didn’t blog every meeting with my boss and we’re both journalists. I don’t blog every conversation with my wife because, well, as my father says, His mother didn’t raise any idiot sons (think about it). I didn’t blog about my new professional endeavors before it was time. Though I know that it may be hard to imagine, even for a bloggers, Some of life is simply off-the-record or, if you prefer, not for blogging or publication.

  • parkin

    Those of us who aren’t privy to the off-the-record meetings still have a right to complain about it, Jeff. That’s most of America, btw.

  • Well, “parkin,” you’re keeping your name off-the-record, aren’t you?

  • franky

    “First rule of journalism – don’t talk about journalism”
    Ted Hitler

  • Jeez, Jeff, how did you expect to get away with privacy since you obviously make a living by publishing your thoughts? That gives us the right to all your thoughts, right? You can tell us readers everything, we have wonderful judgment about how to use it, for sure. Nope, no smiley faces, you knew I was joking without that.

  • You think you’re a journalist? Really?
    Seem more like a columnist and filter for opinions, not news. Or is this that whole citizen journalist thing?