Congress sucks

Congress sucks

: That’s what I love about blogs: No mincing, dicing, slicing, saucing words. Congress sucks. That pretty much says it. They’re going berserk over their pandering grandstanding and not paying attention to business and the American people hate them for it.

Sunday, David Brooks goes after not the left fringe or the right fringe but the wimpy middle for not bringing sense to the senseless and averting a nuclear meltdown:

As we descend down this path, the moderates are being serenaded for their valiant efforts to find a compromise. I’m all for valiant efforts, but why do the independent types always have to be so ineffectual? Why do they always have to play their accustomed role: well-intentioned roadkill?

The answer, to be blunt, is that some of the moderates are moderates out of conviction. They do have courage. But many moderates are simply people who feel cross-pressured by different political forces, and their instinctive response is to shrink from pressure. They lack spirit to take risks, to actually lead.

These 12 senators believe the looming nuclear showdown will be terrible for their institution. They had a deal within their grasp that would have headed this off, a deal that was just and fair: up or down votes for nominees and respect for minority rights. But as I write, they haven’t been able to put it together.

No more sweetheart press for the responsible middle. Put up or shut up.