Runaway (bride) story, still running

Runaway (Bride) story, still running

: Dave Winer says that Aaron Brown was the last real news on (I can hear arguments on both side of that view) but when the show devoted itself to the runaway bride, that was the last straw for Dave. CNN goes on his pay-no-nevermind list.

It so happens that On the Media interviewed CNN head Jonathan Klein on this week’s show and hammered him on the runaway bride, asking whether having the bride run away with every show was an example of his vow to get in depth with more stories. I would have thought he’d have chuckled and said, hey, sometimes ya gotta do what your competition’s doing. But, no, he said that, indeed, the runaway bride was an example of his vow for in-depth coverage. They covered the bride in depth. He then bragged about going heavy on the Schiavo story and making it part of the national agenda. Gee, thanks. (Listen to the segment here; download the show here.)

Here’s my earlier post on the runaway story.

And while we’re on the topic of tacky cultural trends (that is the topic, isn’t it?), go to eBay and find active bidding for Jennifer Wilbanks wedding invitations and many copycat efforts at inane humor with Wilbanks toast.

Fark says: “Runaway bride offers apology. CNN yet to apologize for deeming this newsworthy”

One Farker says: “I hate celebrities. I hate makeshift celebrities even more.”