Takes one to know one

Takes one to know one

: Brent Bozell, self-appointed national censor for the so-called Parents Television Council, reacts to yesterday’s announcement of a group to finally oppose him — TV Watch:

Garin took aim at the conservative Parents Television Council, which regularly peppers the FCC with complaints and has managed to mount a vociferous campaign for government regulation. “The Parents Television Council is trying to invent an alternative reality that really doesn’t exist,” said Garin.

But the PTC countered by pointing out that TV Watch is funded by the parent companies of three of the four major broadcast networks.

“This supposed ‘coalition’ needs to be taken – and dismissed – for what it is,” said PTC President L. Brent Bozell, “a collection of random citizen and public policy groups that have simply been hired and paid for by the networks to do their dirty work.”

Pot, meet Kettle. Bozell’s PTC is a “supposed ‘coalition'” if I’ve ever smelled one.

And, no, Brent, I’m not paid to fight you.

Brent, you say TV Watch needs to disclose their funding. They did. So did I. The networks listed — three of the big for, which is to say everybody but dickless Disney — paid for the survey and the pretty logo.

But now that you mention it, Brent…

Do you pay the ladies who count up “damns” and “hells” on TV? Don’t you pay your staff to do what you do? Do you pay yourself? How much of the $4 million you raise on your fancy letterhead goes into your pocket and pays your expenses (alongside your other supposed coalitions)?

Come on, Brent, why don’t we talk about the real issue: The First Amendment. These are good people, good citizens who are speaking out to defend it… against you.