Prime Time Jive

Prime Time Jive

: The tawdriest angle in Prime Time Live’s tawdry story about American Idol and Paula Abdul tonight was that ABC thought this was a news story worth an hour of prime time.

The next reality show: The Jilted Lovers Hour.

  • Jeff V

    I agree. But you bought the hype too, didn’t ya? Say it!! Say it!!!
    The hype and coverage of this issue almost matches the Runaway Bride. Does anybody know if the regulations put in place after the “21” scandal in the 50’s would apply to this? Just a thought.

  • Anyone hear about the United Kingdom’s elections for parliment tomorrow? Seens during all the hoopla over the runaway bride, American Idol, etc, the american press couldn’t be bothered to let us know. Considering the results of this election could lead to a new prime minister that is not as friendly to the US as Tony Blair strikes me as newsworthy. I only found out because of the Daily Show.
    Read up here:

  • Jeh

    The ABC ” IDOL ESPOSE” was tawdry and not much of a shocker at all. The number of low life types vouching for Corey Clark canceled out any validity of the charge. Then I did wonder why I watched it at all. Seems a good time to jump in the shower and wash off all the filth.
    PS Have you read about the blog “votefortheworst” that supposedly hates AI and had a campaign to keep
    Scott Sabol on the show just for kicks. they seem to have succeded until tonight when Sabol finally got the hook he deserved a long time ago.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I tell ya, Jeff…it’s September 10th in America again.

  • Healthy escapism no longer sells? Thankfully, I have my c-span to run home to.
    That and chamomile tea, and I can forget that most of the world is gaga over the escapades of content-challenged populace-cum-exploiters.

  • Brian Sheridan

    I did buy the hype and watched the show, while doing other work at the same time though. After it was over, I looked at my wife and said “That’s one hour of my life I will NEVER get back!”

  • Rich Drees

    I’m just ticked that they pre-empted EYES for this drivel. It’s one of the few network shows I watch anymore…

  • Does anybody know if the regulations put in place after the “21” scandal in the 50’s would apply to this? Just a thought.
    Probably not, just because the judges on the show don’t determine the outcome, the audience vote does. Abdul, I’m sure, will have to resign, however.

  • Paw

    Truth is, Jeff, that PTL hasn’t been about “news” since the entertainment division of ABC assumed responsibility for its content. What we should be frightened about is the fact that substantially more people care about who fucks Paula Abdul to get ahead in IDOL than things like the British election, the wonderful Family Entertainment and Copyright Act, which criminalizes file sharing and allows 3rd parties to alter content without the permission of the creator and the U.S. officials than stole $100 million in Iraqi reconstruction funds.
    As far as IDOL goes, this publicity will do nothing to diminish the enthusiasm of hard core fans for the program. They seem to be able to ignore things like this quite easily. The fact that Ashlee Simpson still has a singing career is testament to that. Too bad Milli Vanilli weren’t born later…