Fly naked, redux

Fly naked, redux

: Now there are fears that women will wear exploding bras, set to go off when they are frisked.

Scotland Yard has sent details of the bombs – which are primed to go off as the wearer is frisked by security staff – to all the major airports, including busy Heathrow and Gatwick.

The memo warns one suicide bomber in Colombo, Sri Lanka, killed herself and four police officers. “The device exploded as the attacker was being searched by two female constables,” it says.

“The police have determined she was wearing an improvised explosives-laden bra wired to detonate if tampered with.” ….

One anti-terrorist officer said: “It may sound a little silly but you can’t take anything for granted these days.”

The bombers lull officers into a false sense of security by showing their bare midriff to prove they are not wearing a “bomb jacket” – but then the bra explodes.

If this weren’t so sick and so real, it’d be a straightline with so many punchlines.

Back in December, 2001, when a twit tried to blow up a plane with a bomb in his shoe, I said the only solution is to fly naked.

: In the comments, it was Eileen, not me, who couldn’t restrain herself and called this a booby trap.

: And in unrelated bra news