No nuclear secrets

No nuclear secrets

: The NY Times reports today on a revolution-via-blog carried out at even the highly secret Los Alamos National Lab.

Several outside experts said that the director’s quick departure was inevitable and that the blog’s attacks were playing a significant role.

“Nanos is leaving,” said Greg Mello, director of the Los Alamos Study Group, a private organization in Albuquerque that monitors weapons laboratories. “The blog changed the climate, giving people an outlet they didn’t have before.”

Blogs seem to be everywhere. But this one is unusual, in that the Los Alamos National Laboratory, isolated in the mountains of New Mexico, has a long history of maintaining the highest level of federal secrecy. The lab’s very existence was once classified. Today, barbed wire rings many of its buildings, federal agents monitor its communications, and its employees are constantly reminded that loose lips sink ships.

I was called and quoted on it, saying that this isn’t really about blogs but about citizens empowered. Blogs happen to be the catalyst. The ethic of transparency is sweeping the land.