(Unfortunately in-)frequently asked questions

(Unfortunately in-)frequently asked questions

: The Media Center — the real forward thinkers and nudgers in the news business — asks a few great questions in their latest brief tome (a pdf):

OLD QUESTION: What is the future of newspapers?

REALLY ASKING: Will editors and reporters have jobs in five years?

SHOULD ASK: How is a connected society informed? Whatís paper got to do with it? What future are newspapers and TV networks creating? What story do they represent?

OLD QUESTION: Whatís the no-kidding business model for newspaper companies?

REALLY ASKING: Do we really trust this Internet thing?

SHOULD ASK: Which business models enabled by the Internet and mobile, digital technologies best serve an informed, connected society? Can news enterprises reimagine their businesses?

OLD QUESTION: How do we make money?

REALLY ASKING: How do we continue doing what weíve always done, maintain high margins, and control markets?

SHOULD ASK: What are alternatives to the advertising subsidy? What business models can capitalize journalism-based businesses? What is the value proposition for new forms of journalism?

OLD QUESTION: From where will journalism come?

REALLY ASKING: Do we really trust other citizens with journalism?

SHOULD ASK: How will a generation of talented storytellers use multiple forms of media to create and share stories that are relevant to the citizens of an always-on world?