The star shat in the woods

The star shat in the woods

: PunditGuy is having a proper fit over celebrities discovering the unpaved earth:

Drew Barrymore Quote of the Day: “I took a poo in the woods hunched over like an animal. It was awesome.”

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Whoa, I mean that is like totally primal! Maybe we should name that biological business as doing the Drew!
    Think of those lucky dudes in third world countries, they get to experience the joy of primal pooping every day!
    Seriously, I like the girl, but damn, we’re talking sack full of hammers here.

  • Kathleen A

    These two bimbos could learn something from Angelina Jolie who instead of using the poor to further herself (like a TV show) – actually works on behalf of the poor in developing countries.

  • A Sack Full Of Hammers

    That is an insult to our kind.

  • Mike G

    Tune in tomorrow, when Demi Moore flosses her own teeth, and Jennifer Lopez actually pays for something herself.

  • Old Coot

    No doubt her “poo” doesn’t stink and she probably sculpted it into the shape of a little bear before leaving.