The great American pastime, remixed

The great American pastime, remixed

: Andrew Sullivan goes to a baseball game:

LOVED IT: I take it all back. The Nationals-Phillies game was great fun at RFK last night. Vile but irresistible hot dogs; a new foodstuff known as dippin’ dots; occasional flashes of excitement interrupted by really hot guys with guts spitting into the grass; and, the piece de resistance, Karl Rove down front, chatting on his cell-phone. We had a blast.

Does Karl Rove qualify as a hot guy with a gut spitting?

  • He thinks Dippin’ Dots are new? Bah, I’ve been dining on those delectable dots for damn near a decade!

  • I have to admit, it does show a disconnect with the real world when you haven never seen Dippin’ Dots. Has he never been to a mall?

  • Angelos

    I’ll bite – what the hell is a dipping dot?

  • Angelos

    And no, I never go to the mall. The last couple ball games I went to, I had beer and and a Fenway Frank.
    Also, the only junk food I eat is chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Anything else, processed and packaged and heavily advertised, I avoid like the plague.
    But still, I watch a ton of TV, read lots of media. Even though I’m pretty good at ignoring advertising, I am aware of most the junk they push at kids and adults, but I’ve never heard of dipping dots.

  • Dippin’ Dots here.

  • John

    Dippin Dots already has branched out from their typical mall kisok stands to franchised stand-alone stores. And I’m sure by tonight, Andrew will have morte information than he ever wanted to know about the history of “The Ice Cream of the Future” (a name that always reminded me of “The Honeymooners” episide when Ralph tried to sell the Handy Housewife Helper dressed up as The Chef of the Future).

  • Angelos

    Mmmmm, ice cream… I’ll have to find some of those.
    Better yet, open a franchise. There are none upstate…
    The name doesn’t quite evoke ice-cream, does it though? I was picturing some mini-donut-hole type thing, and a little fudge sauce.

  • rick d

    Good Lord, those things look vile. Something else to keep my toddler ignorant of (e.g., happy meals).
    Sullivan never heard of beer?

  • Eric

    Though I like some of his work, lines like those show that, unlike, say, Arnold, Sully is still less of an American than a transplanted European. His unwillingness to get a driver’s license, and his inability to understand Black Friday or the gun culture, two other great staples of American society, also come to mind.

  • And his lack of any generational instinct to any particular political party. That’s part of his charm and insight, IMO, Eric: Sully is large, he contains multitudes.

  • Next thing you know, ol’ Andy-boy will be raving about how everyone has to try these new donuts called “Krispy Kremes.”

  • Dippin’ Dots. Yeeccchhh.

  • Dexter Westbrook

    Person at baseball game yakking on cell phone=asshole.