Exploding TV

Exploding TV

: Rafat Ali has the story behind the Open Media Network, another means — like OurMedia and Brightcove — to distribute multimedia content without a old, closed network. I downloaded the ap and player (it wouldn’t work via Firefox, only IE) and watched my favorite vlog, Rocketboom.

  • How is making the app and player work only on IE distributing “multimedia content without an old, closed network”? When I encounter sites that work only with IE, I move on. I don’t need their content that badly.

  • Yes, yes. By being IE-only, they are only invisible to 10% of the net.
    Unfortunately that 10% are the smart, influential, innovative ones. The early adopters at the top of the tipping point, and such. The ones not just pointing and clicking and drooling at what AOL brings up for them.
    The ones who know and understand that “open media” and “closed platform” are incompatible.
    Good night Marc Andreesen: your latest VC venture won’t run in Netscape, and ironically that will devastate any chances it might have. Google Video has taken your lunch money before you even left for school. You had one good idea 12 years ago. Maybe you should quit this VC nonsense and return to the world of ideas.

  • “Open media/closed platform” is the perfect way to state it. Jeff, you mention transparency with regard to the new citizen’s media and how old media needs to understand that. Is it acceptable for new media to not be transparent? Why is the app only workable on IE? Maybe Firefox doesn’t support it, but if that’s the case, they should state that. Challenges to the open source community usually work.
    If they’ve disabled Firefox support because of prior business agreements of some sort, shouldn’t they disclose that? I’m not saying that’s the case, just that I want to know why they don’t support the software I use. It’s not like I wrote my own browser and expect compliance.

  • It’s a beta, so I have no idea whether it’s going to work with firefox. It simply didn’t work for me.