Down the pole

Down the pole

: I was wandering around GoogleNews and found the strangest “news” site: all fires all the time. The joy of local TV news reporters everywhere.

  • Rafat

    Actually, Jeff, is is not that strange: Firehouse is owned by Cygnus, and has been a big online success, both business and editorially…they’re doing some innovative stuff with this, along with good work for the fire fighting community in general…

  • I never cease to be amazed at the phenom of nichefecation: an entire site about conflagration.

  • They’ve got to be located in Buffalo, NY. Every night when I was a kid the WKBW news started off with “Fire in Cheektowaga tonight…”.

  • Jeff:
    Not so strange, as I think the site seems like a community site geared towards firefighters themselves. My father is a firefighter out in Colorado, and like any professional, he spends quite a bit of time discussing the details of his work with his colleagues; if he doesn’t know about this site already, he’d probably love it…