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RTNDA links on citizens’ media

: I was virtually part of a panel on blogs and TV at the Radio-Television News Directors Association confab in Vegas (they were in Vegas and I was on the blogcast in New York but the sound was bad and I couldn’t hear so I no doubt looked duh dumb and issued some non sequitors…. ah, technology). Anyway, I said I’d post some useful links for the crowd there. Here they are:

: A list of links to blogs of interest to media folks (done for the Aspen Institute last summer but not too out-of-date).

: My PowerPoint on citizens media and the newsroom for that Aspen gabfest.

: A few good directories of blogs.

: I suggested having reporters to go Technorati.com and Pubsub as well as A9.com (as suggested by Steve Rubel here to have them find what bloggers are saying about the topics of their stories. I said I use these tools to find blogs for MSNBC blog reports.

: I recommend reading Rupert Murdoch’s speech on newspapers and online (the same holds for broadcast); Merrill Brown’s Carnegie report on newspapers and youth (the same holds for broadcast); and Bob Garfield’s report on the coming chaos in marketing and media.

: The demo vlog I made for the panel today.

: A few of my media posts: a Q&A on media’s future at Corante… a new model for local citizens’ journalism…. an email/blog exchange with NY Times Executive Editor Bill Keller… an argument that anyone can do journalismtwo pieces on Dan Rather… two posts about challenges facing news media and ways to attack them… a post about blogcasting on MSNBC… too damned many posts about exploding TV, media, weblogs, and censorship and Howard Stern

No, I don’t expect anybody to read much from that last bullet; I’ve just been meaning to compile them in one place so I can find them (ah, if only Flickr had popularized tags when I started this blog).