This blog has the Parents Television Council Seal of Disapproval

This blog has the Parents Television Council Seal of Disapproval

: Steve Rhodes sends me a tip with a link to a survey the so-called Parents Television Council is running that give us an idea what they’re all up to.

Let’s all go and spam the survey! Really: Link here and give all the wrong answers.

For my three favorite shows, I listed Howard Stern on E!, Desperate Housewives, and Deadwood.

Anyway, it’s clear that one thing they want to do is come up with a PTC Seal of Approval. Oh, God, I hope Hollywood had the balls to refuse to put that on any of its art. This is the organization that is causing millions of dollars in fines from the FCC and is plundering the First Amendment and is trying to cut off artistic freedom in this country. If an entertainment company puts that seal on its product, it is only encouraging these religonuts.

I’m betting Disney will be the first in line to do it.

They push their store with the ugliest crap this side of a rummage sale.

And, of course, never satisfied with using government to enforce their views, the PTC asks: “Would you support legislation in your state that would impose a civil or financial penalty on those who sell or rent “M” (mature) or “AO” (adults only) rated video games to children under 18 years of age?” They want to send the kid at the corner video store to jail.

I just sent in my survey. Want to bet it won’t be counted?